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11th December 2010
Back up to Birmingham today for LKA! This was a show we had been looking forward to for 6 months as we had counted forward since the day our C litter was born! I recall saying to Bramble on the 11th June how if she didnt have them today i would go in and get them my self!! Puppies were fantastically well behaved!

Enzo (Newfords Fame monster) managed a impressive 5th in a very strong minor puppy dog class and a 4th in Puppy dog.  This was his first time in the ring and his owner/handler's first time also. We couldnt be prouder of Darren and Sam for all the work they have put in to working with Enzo!

Zara (Newfords Just Dance) managed a 4th in her Puppy Bitch class, so pleased with her and seemed to really enjoy the day, biggest problem with her was she wouldnt stop wagging her tail!! 

Storm had another good day taking another 3rd in his yearling class. 



 22nd November 2010
We attended South West Dobermann Club Champ show this weekend with really pleasing results, Storm placed 1st in his yearling class although he was the only one in it.. never mind eh! Ruby placed 5th in her Yearling class and won the Working class but again she was the only one in it. 

Ruby however stunned me and behaved far better than i expected in her obedience classes. This was our first obedience class so had no idea what to expect other than disaster! Our heeling need alot more work but her stays were solid which was what WON us the class!! We entered the next class up and somehow managed to place 2nd out of 3! I am so proud of her and so thankful to the people who are teaching me how to train in obedience!! It makes the late cold nights at training worth it! :D 


19th November 2010
Storms hip score came back today, a fabulous 2/3(5) same as his litter sisters. Thanks to his owners in humouring me when it comes to doing hip scores!! This puts our kennel average at "6" which is well below the KC average. 


6th November 2010
Recieved Rubys Hip score today, elated at another low score for the Newford Kennel. 3/2(5) Well below average and lower than her mother! Ruby now has her complete health testing set about by the KC, however we are planning to do more to ensure she is a healthy example of the breed before we consider mating her in the future.  

 3rd November 2010
Pages added for Lilly >>Lilly<< also for Ziva >>Ziva<< 
Updated picture for Zara.

29th October 2010
Ruby, Storm and Bracken attended Midland counties show today, Storm placed 5th in his class, Ruby sadly didnt place however Bracken was shortlisted to the final 7 out of a class of 16! Didnt place but Bracken showed her self well and we are proud of her considering she didnt start showing till she was 2 years old! 


12th October 2010
We have a new addtion to our household. Merlin has come to join us from the Mckennah Dobermanns. The house is a little crazy right now but he has settled in beautifully and is a pleasure to live with. Watch for him in the show ring Jan 2011. >>Merlins page<<

Quiet some time since our last update! We have been quiet Busy!
On 3rd October Ruby, Bracken and Storm attended The South Wales Dobermann Club Open show, A really good day out where all 3 dogs won their classes! Sadly this was as far as we went but really pleased never the less. Zara came along for the ride and to check out what all this showing malarky was all about!

10th October found us back in Wales again.. at another show, Welsh Kennel Club Championship show, Storm and Ruby came along this time. Storm won his Yearling class, this was his first Champshow win so really pleased with him. Ruby placed 5th in her class. Looking forward to training properly this weekend though!

19th September 2010
Thankyou to everyone who expressed an interest in Danny, he has now found a new home with a wonderful couple and their 2 dobergirls. Danny will hopefully settle in quickly, check back for updates on his progress and pictures of him with his hareem!

14th September 2010
We have had a new addition to the house.. again!
Danny has come to stay with us for a short while untill a new home can be found for him, he is an owner surrender but a fantastic dog. Check out his page for more information on him. If you think you can offer him a home get in touch. >>Danny<<

13th september 2010
Such a busy weekend! 
Saturday foundus at Richmond Championship dog show with Ruby and Storm. A really good day out for us, we were also joined by a couple who have Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster)to get a feel for the show world.. hopefully havent scared them off! Storm placded 3/6 in his Jr dog class and Ruby managed a 5/10 in her Jr bitch class. 

Sunday found us at our schutzhund training with Ruby and Zara. Every time we go Ruby finds new ways to impress me with her natural abilty to do this. Only after 4 sessions she is confidently on the sleeve now in her protection stage, she is tracking well and we have our homework for her obedience! This is a whole different experience to anything we have done before and it is something i hope we continue for some time as its the most rewarding thing i have done with my dogs so far.  

Page added for >>Enzo. (Newfords Fame Monster)<<


10th September 2010
Its been a while since an update but we have been very busy! All the puppies have gone to their new homes and we are getting lovely stories of what keen landscape designers they all are!

We have retained a puppy from this litter, Zara (Newfords Just Dance) Click her name to see her page, it is under construction at the moment so things will be added as we go along. 
We will also be making pages for Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster), Ziva (Newfords Bad Romance) and Brookie (Newfords Poker Face) all who are planning on gracing us with their presence in the show ring.

Zara along with Ruby will continue with their Schutzhund training, Ruby it seems is a natural at it and thoroughly enjoys her training. I am really impressed with her so far and we have high hopes for her, Its going to be more of a challenge training me than the dog!

 As a fantastic start with Zara she attended our local ring craft's match night on wednesday and won her "puppy walk" class! Lets hope this is a sign of whats to come! She was a fabulous sport and seemed to enjoy playing tug with her rossette more than the being judged bit! We are looking forward to hershow debut at LKA in December.

14th August 2010
A fantastic result for us today! 3 dogs.. 3 place cards! Ruby Bracken and Storm attended Bournemouth Champ show. Ruby placed 4th in her Junior class, Storm placed 3rd in his while Bracken suprised us all and placed 2nd in a huge class qualifying her for Crufts 2011. We are thankfull to the judge today for seeing what we see In her!
All but 2 puppies have gone to their new homes now, the house is very empty with out the others. We wish everyone the best with their new family members and hope to have picture updates soon. 

 8th August 2010
A rather active day today! 2 shows in one day!
The morning found us in Reigate at the South East Dobermann Club with Ruby, Bracken and Storm. Bracken won her Graduate class while Storm and Ruby placed 3rd in their classes. After this we made our way to the DRA companion show with Toby. A really well organised day. Results were Toby got a 1st in best veteran, 2nd in best rescue. Ruby got a 4th in the fancy dress class and some how managed to get "best dobermann" in the starters obedience! Please suport the DRA in helping Dobermanns in need find a new home! http://www.dobermannrehome.co.uk/

28th July 2010
Updated page for the puppies at 6.5 weeks old.  Page to puppies 6 week stacks



22th July 2010

Our Puppies are now nearly 6 weeks old and are in to everything! We have a few puppies left in the litter. Please contact us for more details.  Below are some of the brown girls posing for the camera!! Boot laces and socks are no longer safe from being pinched by them! 



10th July 2010
The puppies are now 4 weeks old and thriving! If you are on Facebook visit us there as we are able to update pictures alot more, we have just taken our first official puppy stacks, they are only babies at the moment! Another set to come in 2 weeks time! 4 week stacks

27th June 2010 
We have had a new member join our family. Toby has come from Ceredigion animal rescue in Wales for a new forever home with us. Please see his page for more details. 
In other news, the puppies are growing well and a total pleasure to have around, Bramble is being a fantastic mother again, If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please contact as we have a few puppies still available. Viewing will be possible from 4 weeks old.  TOBYS PAGE

11th June 2010
At last our litter has arrived! Bramble whelped 12 puppies. All are doing well. Please see our new arrives page for photos and updates. This is a litter from the beautiful Schnupps (Keylas Dream Machine at Nytbonn) and our girl Bramble (Emrichme Bermuda At Newford) We are very excited about this litter and cant wait to see how they develop. Check back for updates.

6th June 2010
Ruby and Storm attended Sourthen counties champ show today. Both in their respective Junior classes, Sadly Storm didnt place although he showed very well while Ruby took 5th out of 15 other bitches. We were thrilled with this result as its been a while since she was placed at a Champ show. Bramble is ever growing and we expect her to have her puppies towards the end of the week. Watch for updates!

30th May 2010
Storm and Ruby attended Bath Canine society Champ show today, another beautiful day in the sun! Storm placed 5th in his Junior dog class while once again Ruby didnt place. Bramble is now in the final stages of her pregnancy and progressing nicely, still as big as she is finds it within her self to jump on my bed and steal the covers over night!

23th May 2010 
Storm and Bracken attended The Chertsey and district open show today with great results, Storm placed 2nd in his class, once again loosing out to the dog that would finaly get best of breed. While Bracken won her class (being the only one in it!) but then went on to get Reserve Best of Breed. Was a beautiful HOT day but the dogs seemed to have had a really good time!

22nd May 2010
Ruby and Storm attended the Dobermann Club Champ show today. Storm placed 5th in his Junior Dog class while sadly Ruby didnt place. Storms page has been updated with some new show results and picture. 

16th May 2010
Another day out showing at Sutton Dog show, Ruby won her class as once again she was the only one in it. :( Storm also won his class placing ahead of one other dog. The final line up with very tough and the judge was fantastic! We were told that had they been giving out Reserve Best of Breeds Storm would have got it! Another superb result for him! Back out this weekend and hope to have similar results. It has been noticied that the number of entries are declining to open shows.. and even to some extent Champ shows. I really hope this is only a temp glitch and we are back up to normal numbers soon enough.

12th May 2010
We are elated (and somewhat shocked) to announce Bramble has been confirmed in whelp via ultrasound to Schnupps and is expecting a larger litter. Please contact us if you are interested in this litter. upcoming litter

10th May 2010
Our C litter page is now live. This is a repeat mating to Schnupps (CH Keyalas Dream Machine at Nytbonn) to one of out other girls, Bramble. we will be confirming with an Ultrasound tomorrow for expected numbers. For more information on this litter please see our upcoming litters page here. 

9th May 2010
Today we traveled up to The National dog show. Although Ruby didnt place in her class she took part in the Kennel club Good citizens scheme Bronze Award and passed with flying colours! Silver is next!

8th May 2010
Today was a day of utter carnage and fun! We invited our first litter back for their birthday party! 6/10 of the pups were able to make it! It was fantastic to catch up with the pups and see how they have grown up and to once again chatter for hours with their owners! The weather sort of held for us, no torrential rain but was a little chilly and next to the BBQ seemed to be the place to huddle after a while! All the dogs ran free together and seemed to have a fantastic day. I know my 3 were out sparco by the time everyone went home! Thankyou so much to Cormac, Storm, Bella, Bella and Ebony for making your owners to bring you back for a day! 
I think this is something we would love to do again in the future for  other litters! Also a MASSIVE thankyou to John and Caroline Goddard for the simplly AMAZING birthday cake you brought. (Bracken really enjoyed it!) Some pictures can be found here, not as many as i would normally take but trying to find 10 minutes and not get tripped up by some form of dog was a challenge!!

3rd May 2010
Ruby Storm and Bracken attended The south west Doberman open show today, Storm placed 2rd in his last ever puppy class, Ruby didnt place in her Jr class while Bracken placed 4th in her Post graduate class. This is the first time Bracken has been out since her litter and she was very well behaved!! 

25th April 2010
Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) did us proud today taking his first BPIB award at Beckenham Canine Association Open show. Handled by myself and then his mum Caroline for the final line up!  Considering this was his 5th show and still very new to this be behaved impecibally in the BPIS line up but did not make the final cut. We are so pleased with how he is coming along! Ruby also won her class so all in all a rather good day out!

18th April 2010
wow! What a weekend! Saturday was spent at the Working and Pastoral champ show in Wales after a some what lengthly drive due to me accidently programming the sat nav for shortest route.... vs quickest! This was Storms champ show debut and in a fantastically strong class of 7 storm placed 5th (VHC) which we were incredibly pleased about. Sadly Ruby didnt place in her class. Another hour drive back south to a B&B for the night with great company and fantastic hospitality. Sunday found us at The Welsh Dobermann Champ show. Annoyingly I made a mistake with Rubys class listing and she ended up in "novice" vs "puppy" She didnt place in this class. Storm however in a class of 5 and placed 3rd qualifiying him for Crufts 2011. He has only had 4 outings so far and gets better every time!

12th April 2010
Georgia has been found!!! A midnight call from a very tired dog warden confirmed that she is the same girl!! More details here

11th April 2010
A short break from other duties took us to Crystal Palace open show. Ruby, Storm and Bracken attended. Storm placed 2nd in his puppy class only loosing out to the dog which got Best of Breed and Best puppy in Breed. Ruby once again won her Junior class though default.. but missed out on the BPIB award. After the official judging was over we entered a companion show which was on the same day/location. Ruby placed 2nd out of 27 other puppies in her puppy class also taking 3rd in Prettiest bitch!! Storm got a 2nd in Hunkiest dog and Bracken also got a 2nd in her class! It was a really beautiful day and only made better by spending it with such wonderfull company! 

10th April 2010
Another 600+ mile round trip today. Bramble met Schnupps for a repeat mating to him. After we lost our last litter from him we refused to give up on having a Schnupps pup. The mating went well and will confirm this with an ultrasound in 4 weeks time. EDD if all goes to plan will be around 10th June 2010. Details can be found on our upcoming litter page. 

18th March 2010
Ruby attended Horsham & district Canine Society open show today, she won her Junior class though default as there were no other enties! 

14th March 2010
Another Doberdate! Today Ruby and Bramble headed down south to Bournemouth to meet up with a new friend Kaiser! We took a trip down to the beach and it took a while for the girls to follow Kaiser in to the water but they got the hang of it eventually.

Pictures here

Annoyingly the feel for the day was ruined by the publics perception of the Dobermann, we recieved verbal abuse for being on a public beach with "dangerous uncontrolled dogs"  after one of the girls accidently scratched a runner. The media is creating problems and attitudes towards these dogs which will only make the problem worse. I invite anyone to my house to meet my "dangerous" dogs and make a decision for your self. I however advise bringing wet wipes though as the kisses get a little much after a while. 

11th March 2010
A rather exciting and incredibly tiring day! Our first year attening crufts, to then be competing there was an incredibly exciting experience. Ruby was in a very strong class of 14 in Special Puppy, Sadly she didnt place but seemed to be throughly enjoy the day and attention. We were joined by John and Caroline (Storms owner) who i hope are with us next year with Storm! Pictures to follow shortly. 

9th March 2010
New page added for Storm, Newford Cranberry Fizz.  A litter brother to Ruby, Storm will be making his show debut later early next month. Check back to see how he gets on. 

7th March 2010

With the weather finally improving we took the opportunity to meet up with friends and family. I am not sure if the world is ready to see 5 bounding Doberdudes so we headed off to The Great Winsor Park in search of somewhere to play! John & Caroline Goddard with Storm joined us along with the Everard family with Bella, All 3 of our girls came too. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time and the girls havent moved since we got home! A tired Dobie is a happy a Dobie!! A few more pics here from our outings  



L-R Storm, Ruby, Bella, Bramble & Bracken


6th March 2010
Ruby gained another point towards her Junior Warrent by winning her Junior class at Romford & District Canine Society Open show. She also placed 2nd in Puppy. Another really good result for Ruby! 

2nd March 2010
We have gained another member to the household today, Chico has joined us in search of a new home. Please see his page for more details. CHICO


25th Febuary 2010
Bracken whelped her litter today.   Please see our B litter page for more details. 


20th Feb 2009
Ruby attended Maidenhead & District Open show today placing 4th in her puppy class. Bramble came along for the ride!
Bracken is in the last stages of her pregnancy now, when she is laying calmly and hands are on her belly you can feel the pups moving, we are so excited and cant wait for them to arrrive!


Feb 13th 2010
Ruby gained another point towards her Junior Warrent today! She placed 2nd in Puppy but won her Jr class at Thames Valley Canine Society Open show.  Fantastic result for her! 
Bracken is doing well in her pregnancy and progressing as it should, at her last scan saw 8/9 puppies so just waiting for them to say hi now!


Feb 7th 2010
A hectic weekend full of lots of driving! Ruby attended Worthing District open show on Saturday gaining a 2nd place in her puppy class, Sunday we attended SEEDC Champ show placing 3rd in one of her classes. 
We also have reservations for our puppies coming in thick and fast so please if you are considering a puppy from us get in contact! We do also ask that you fill in our puppy questionaire. 


Jan 31st 2010
Ruby attended Henley on Thames Canine Society show today placing 3rd in her class, she was also borrowed for a Junior handling class where she was rather well behaved!

Jan 27th 2010

Bracken was scanned and confimed in whelp to CH Keyalas Dream Machine At Nytbonn today, Initial scan showed 11 pups. Please see the upcoming litters page for more information on this exciting litter. 

Jan 24th 2010 
Busy weekend! Saturday saw us at Manchester Champ show where Ruby was entered in to Minor puppy. A strong class and sadly didnt place. 
Sunday we went to Birmingham & District Dobermann Open show where Ruby was entered in to Puppy and Junior bitch.  Placed 2nd in Puppy and won her Junior class! This is Rubys first win at an open show and her first point towards her Junior Warrent points. Pictures to follow!

Jan 20th 2010
We have decided to hold a birthday party for our first litter! Details here

Jan 14th 2010
With thanks to Chris at Dobermann rehoming Lilly has found her new forever home.


Jan 6th 2010
We have a new addition!!We have a foster sister for the rest of the herd for a while. Lilly is staying with us untill a forever home can be found for her. Please see her page for more details. Lillys page

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