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12th December 2011
Ladies Kennel Association (LKA) is the last Champ show of the year for most dog exhibitors, a dress rehearsal for crufts for many and without a doubt your last chance to qualify for Crufts the following year. Held at the NEC in Birmingham it is large show and a fantastic way to end the year on. 
This year our reaults from the show have been nothing short of brilliant.  
- Newfords Innuendo (Jasper) on his debeut show took 2nd in MPD, 4th PD and 4th JD qualifying him for crufts 2012.
- Newfords One Vision (Buka) took 4th MPB and 4th PB.
- Newfords Fame Monster JW (Enzo) placed 4th YD.. one better than last year but what an amazing year this duo have had!

- Newfords Just Dance (Zara) 4th GB who is now taking a step back from showing to concentrate on her training to become a drug search dog.  she will be shown sparingly though out 2012 but work comes before play!
- Newford Cranberry Fizz (Storm) 2nd in OD and on to the RCC! Storm started late to his show career but it seems this hasn't hindered him and to take the RCC behind the breed record holder was an honor.  
I still consider myself incredibly new to the breed and  showing so to have a small selection of dogs who are never out of the cards and taking top honors frequently is more than i could have ever hoped for at this point in time.  


9th December 2011
Due to popular demand I have added a "photography" page to the website. I have several loves in my life one of which is my dogs the other is my camera! I have a terrible memory so rely on pictures to keep it all going! I have a small gallery on Facebook, link on page, but a small example of pics on here too. If you are looking for photos to promote your dogs wins or a special keep sake drop me a line. >>>Photography<<<



4th December 2011
We have an older male available for rehoming, Rufus >>>Click for full page and details<<< Was handed to us about a year ago for rehoming, He is not a dog we have bred but a dog we have taken in to help find him a forever home. 
His home situation has changed and we are on the look out for a new home for him. Please see his page for full write up. He isbased in Sulfolk but available all over the UK subject to home check. 


2nd December 2011
A few shot results to report back!
Buka (N. One Vision) attended the following shows and has started out well: Reading and District Open Show - 5th Junior,  Maidenhead & District Limit Show - 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch,  Horsham & District Canine Society 4th Junior. 
Enzo attended Reading & District placing 2nd in Post grad and 2nd in Open. 



20th November 2011
I never tire of reporting Enzos (N. Fame Monster JW)  placing! Another weekend.. another 2 class wins! this time at South West Dobermann Club 25th anniversary Champ show, This boy is on a roll! last 6 classes unbeaten.. Long may it continue! 

1st in Junior dog and 1st in Graduate dog! 
Buka (N. One Vision) and Jasper (N. Innuendo) took part in the the Puppy walk, Jasper placed 2nd and Buka 6th!  


13th November 2011
Theres no better way to say this.. so will get it out..

Enzo is now NEWFORDS FAME MONSTER JW!!!!  (subject to KC conformation) 
At Midland Dobermann club Ch show Enzo pulled the double whammy.. AGAIN.. taking 1st JD and 1st GD under the esteemed Wendy Burge (Jowendy) his JD win gave him the last 2 points he needed to get his Junior Warrant, This gives Enzo his stud book number and a  life time qualification for Crufts.We cant express how proud we are of Darren and Enzo!!! Please see his page for his win pictures and updated stacks>>>Enzo<<<

Last but by no means least, Our ever consistent Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) Came out trumps at Midland Dobe taking an incredibly respectable  4th in his first Open Dog class, placing in between Champions! Not a bad start!! He shall continue to be campaigned  in Open dog from now on. 


6th November 2011

Enzo took Best Of Breed under Malcolm Smith at Coventry Canine Association Open Show gaining another 2 JW points taking 1st in Post Grad and Open.  

Enzo attended Midland Counties Championship Show taking 2nd in Junior and 5th in Yearling.


28th October 2011
Buka and Enzo do us proud at match night! Buka wins the "nursery" class 0-6 months old while Enzo gets Reserve best in match. Worth the 2 hour drive!!

23rd October 2011
Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster) Attended Birmingham & District Dobermann Club Championship show once again flying the Newford flag solo for us! Brilliant results once again, Enzo placed 2nd in Junior dog and won his first Post Graduate class at a champ show! Another 3 points for his JW.

The weekend before Enzo attended Hitchin District and Canine Society Open Show, entered in to Junior and Post Graduate, Enzo placed 3rd in Junior while Placed 1st in Post grad giving him his last required open show point for his JW. 


14th October 2011  
Back in september we attended NEDC Champ show way up north, although the show was fantastic there was an altertive reason fro attending! The Dobermann Breed Council had taken the fantastic initiative to offer Dobermann Cardiac TROPONIN I (cTnI) Testing Scheme, We took the long drive up tto take part in this and it was all very much worth it! We tested all of our dogs and every one of them came back within the normal ranges, What this means is that AT THE POINT IN TIME THE SAMPLE WAS TAKEN our dogs were clear from the early signs of DCM. The test is only a snap shot in time and any  dog tested normal could go on to develop the condition at a later date but this is now a fantastic early detection tool. 


9th October 2011
WHAT A WEEKEND!! Although I have personally been on a break from showing to sort out my house and focus on Rubys training for her BH exam Darren and Sam with Enzo have been out flying the Newford Flag in style!

Yesterday at South Wales Kennel Club Championship Show Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster) was entered in to Junior Dog and Graduate Dog and pulled a double whammy and was awarded 1st in both classes gaining him a further 6 points towards his Junior Warrent, Sunday they took a trip out to Maidstone to Beckingham and District Open Show where under breed specialist Jackie Ingram (Jojavik) Enzo entered in  Junior and Post Graduate came out on on top not only winning both classes but then taking the Best in Breed award! We are so proud of what they have achieved so far! Thanks to the judges to have thought so highly of our boy!


2nd October 2011

 We have a new member of the house for a bit, check out Max's page for more information



 25th September 2011

I dont normally do the whole touting of other peoples wares but i'll make an exception for this wonderful website!  

All the collars are hand made and having seen many of her collars i can personally vouch for the quality and attention to detail that goes in to each one, If my dogs wouldn't chew collars off each other to make the game of identifying  "who dun it"  after something of value has been destroyed  i would have 20 of them, Each collar is totally customizable making it as bling or as subtle as you want without having to ever worrying about your collar/lead snapping or failing when you need it most. 

Anyway... back to the results!

Bedford & District Open:
Storm - Newford Cranberry Fizz 2nd Open
Zara - Newfords Just Dance - 4th Junior

Kane - Champagne King - 3rd Veteran Dog, This amused me greatly as this is a 10 year old Dobermann who has never set foot in a show ring in his life! He has sired one litter and 2 of those puppies have been to Crufts and for what was a moment of insanity it was thought to be a good idea to take him to a show! He placed 3rd out of 3 however this qualified him for Crufts 2012 which as a pet dog he will be proudly attending! Without him I wouldnt have my Ruby who is most definitely my princess!
Enzo - Newfords Fame Monster 2nd Junior dog 2nd Graduate Dog, Never out of the cards this boy!
Zara - Newfords Just Dance 3rd Yearling Bitch
Merlin - Mckennah Alson At Newford - 4th Yearling Dog

This was slightly more of an epic trip than normal as not only did the normal show team come for the 7 hour ride up but all of our dogs joined us, in conjunction with The Dobermann Breed Council we took part in the Dobermann Cardiac TROPONIN I (cTnI) Testing Scheme. I will be adding  a page in the next few days regarding health testing as it can be a total mine field so hopefully this will make more sense! However this test is the beginings of screening for early detection DCM in all of our dogs, like ALL tests for DCM at present the results of this test represent a snap shot of how they are at that exact moment in time, this by no means guarentees the dog will never be effected by the disease but by taking part in schemes like this early detection is more likely and we can breed more responsibly based on the results of these tests. 

Newfords Fame Monster (Enzo) Has come back as "normal" which means at this point in time he shows no signs of heart damage or DCM. 
We are awaiting the results of the rest of our herd and we will be publishing them regardless of the result. 


Picture updates  >>>Zara<<<




20th September 2011
Results from the weekend! 
Saturday we went off to Richmond champ show joined by Zara Bracken Storm and Enzo. Enzo, consistent as ever placed 2nd in Junior dog while Bracken pulled out all the stops and managed a 1st in Post Graduate Bitch qualifying for crufts in style, Bracken has only been out twice this year, once at crufts and then at Bournemouth after taking time out for her maternal duties. What a way to come back!  
Sunday we tottered off to The Dobermann Club Open show with Storm Bracken Zara and Buka. Storm won his class however it was a bit of a sure thing due to us being the only ones in the class! Bracken placed 2nd and zara 4th. The star of the day was Buka at the tender age of 4 months old participated in the Puppy walk class, Strutted her stuff and came back with a 1st place! What a star, lets hope its a sign of things to come.  Her page has been updated with a more recent picture. Buka is in Co-Ownership with Myself and John and Caroline Goddard who also own Storm. >>Buka - Newfords One Vision<<


8th September 2011
Added a page for Jasper, our lovely brown boy from our D litter. >>Newfords Innuendo<<

7th September 2011
After what can only be described as a journey of epic  disastrous proportions myself and Darren & Sam Brown made it up to Scotland for the weekend. Torrential rain and non stop accidents on the way up we finally got there at 1am! Quick turn around and back out a few hours later and off to The Scottish Kennel Club Champ show in Edinburgh. Zara (Newfords Just Dance) placed 2nd in her Yearling class, Merlin (Mckennah Alson at Newford) placed 4th in Yearling dog and our star Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster) placed 1st in Junior dog! We were informed afterwards by the judge that he was very seriously considered for the RCC in the end! Once the day was over we headed over to the beach for some down time!  Pics of our adventures can be found >>>here<<< Darren nearly ended up face first in the waves more than once! 
After a 2 hour drive across scotland over to Ayr we settled in our B&B with ALL the dogs! After a somewhat windy night off to the Scottish Dobermann Club Champ show. Zara once again placed 2nd in her yearling class, Merlin placed 3rd in his Yearling class and Enzo pulling a double placed 1st in Junior dog again! So proud of what Darren and Enzo have accomplished so far, proving with dedication a new handler can do just as well as the well known faces!
All our puppies have found homes now, some local some not so local! 6 week stacks have now been uploaded. 


26th July 2011
Due to time wasters we have one black and tan male remaining from our current litter.  
Mckennah Alson At Newford x Emrichme Bermuda At Newford
Puppies are VWD CLEAR though parentage.  

He is our show pick of litter so would ideally be looking for a show home for this pup.  Pictures to follow.


16th July 2011
Results from Bournmouthe Champ show

Enzo 4th Junior dog - his first placing at a champ show where he hasnt been in the top 3!! never mind eh!

Storm 3rd Post Grad dog - Very strong class, pleased with the result as  he was a good lad!

Zara  1st Novice bitch

Bracken 4th Post grad bitch, just missing out on that crufts qualifier! This is her first time in the ring since having pups so we were pleased with the result, looks like we will have to bring her out again to try! 

Puppies are all doing well, growing and in to everything, they have settled at the new house well which is more i can say for the other dogs!!! 


14th July 2011
Once again I am slacking on the updating! 
Rather large update as we have moved house, only a slightly stressful operation!! We are now based 10 minutes outside of Andover just off the A303. A beautiful farm house surrounded by fields with endless walking routes. We are looking forward to seeing our friends and welcoming them to our new home. 
Show results recently are as follows:

SEEDC open show, Enzo 1st JD, Ruby 1st NB, Zara 2nd JB, Bracken 3rd PGB, Merlin 5th ND and Storm 4th LD. 
Thame county Open show: Enzo 3rd Junior, Ruby 5th Graduate, Storm 2nd Open, Zara 5th Junior

We have had our Hip Scores back for Merin (Mckennah Alson At Newford) with a score of 3/4 (7) which equates to a HD-A score the same as both his parents. 
Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster) Also received his hip score back, 5/7 (12), Enzo has now had all the health testing required by the KC.
We are expecting Zaras back any day now. 

We have 2 Black and Tan Male puppies unreserved from our current litter (Mckennah Alson At Newford x Emrichme Bermuda At Newford), if you are interested in a puppy from this litter please contact us. 



25th  July 2011
We attended The Dobermann Club Companion show in aid of Dobermann Rescue yesterday, the weather was brilliant and the day was brilliant. 
Companion shows are great as they are so relaxed and a really good fun day out. Enzo won post graduate and got reserve best of breed. Zara placed 2nd in AV non sporting Open, Merlin placed 4th in Post grad.  Ruby placed 2nd in her obedience round which was rather nice!  We have updated Enzos page with new pictures



23thJuly 2011
It feels like forever since I last updated on here but its only been 3 days,but what a three days they have been! On the 20th Our D litter pups went to their new homes, we wish everyone the best with their new puppy and we look forward to seeing pictures of them settled in their new homes. 


Mandy with Jasper 
Kit  with Rani

Steve with DaisyJulie with DenverBecause that wasnt enough for us Bramble surprised us and delivered her litter earlier than expected! Full details can be found on their page. E Litter


20th July 2011
8 week stacks uploaded! >>>puppy stacks<<<


Finally recovered from what can only be described as a journey of epic proportions! Over the weekend Zara and Ruby traveled to Luxembourg for their international debut. The way dobes are shown on the continent is totally different allowing the dogs to show character vs being perfect still statues! Ruby grasped the concept rather easily and showed her socks off, she was graded VG in Open Black female, which stands for Very good. She was the 5th dog remaining in the class before final judging but sadly didnt make the final cut. Zara was in Junior Black Female class, she also received a VG grading. The company was great and it was definitely a weekend to remember. We shall be back over later in the year and early next year with more of our dogs.  


11th July 2011
7 week stacks uploaded. 
Fantastic results from East Of England Champ Show, Our star Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster) placed a fantastic 2nd in Junior Dog behind the RCC winner, doing the us proud! Updated pictures on his page. 

We are pleased to announce our "E" litter is available for reservations. Details on our puppy page >>E Litter<< 

 4th July 2011
We have 2 puppies available from our current litter, they have been graded as show potential so looking for show homes for them. "gold" who is a brown female and "red" who is a black male. Both are stunning puppies. 6 week stacks to follow. 


2nd July 2011
Wow! What an update!  Yesterday we attended Windsor Champ show en masse and came back with fantastic results. Many thanks to the Judge Kathy Boncy for thinking so highly of our lot. 


Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) 2nd Limit dog,
Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster) 1st Junior Dog, 
Merlin (Mckennah Alson At Newford) 3rd Puppy dog, 2nd Novice Dog, 
Zara (Newfords Just Dance) 3rd Yearling Bitch. 


Updated pictures of the pups at 5 weeks. >>>5 week stacks<<< We have a Black and Tan Male available due to a change in circumstances who has been graded excellent for show prospect. We are looking for a show home for him, We are happy to accept novice show homes if they are willing to learn, jump in feet first and have a good old laugh! 

Mia has made her way to her new home, she has settled in brilliantly and we have had several calls saying how wonderful she is. 


27th June 2011
At the weekend we held our puppy party, it was a fabulous success with so many friends coming by and saying hi! Pictures to be added shortly!
We have the first baby stacks of Brackens litter available. >>>Pups 4 weeks<<<

2nd June 2011
We attended Guildford District Canine Open show yesterday, team Newford were there en masse! Enzo placed 3rd in Jr, Merlin 4th. Zara placed 3rd in Post graduate while Storm placed 3rd in Open. A beautiful day in the wonderful sun only made better by the company! 
On the way home we stopped off in Guiildford center and I took Ruby and Zara for a swim in the river, I think we need to find more water for her to play in being that she decided to totally submerge her self while chasing ducks! If only I had the camera handy!


30th May 2011
A little update for a little bit of news! We attended Bath Championship show yesterday. Was a little strange with out the normal crew with us!
Merlin placed 2nd in Puppy Dog and also passed his Bronze Good Citizen Scheme. Well done whirlies! 
Zara and Storm were unplaced under this particular judge. 


All of our puppies are now reserved from our current litter. If you are interested in a Newford puppy in the future please dont hesitate to contact us as most of our puppies are reserved before they are even born!


28th May 2011
A great day at The Dobermann Club Championship Show. Enzo placed 2nd and Merlin placed 4th in Puppy Dog, Zara placed 1st in Puppy bitch. Storm was entered in to his first Limit class but on this occasion didnt place. Roll on tomorrow at Bath Champ!


27th May 2011

Just like last year we are having a birthday party for last years litter, please see the party page for more details! >>PARTY<< 
We have also got back the critiques on the boys from the welsh Dobermann club champ show. 



25th May 2011
A VERY quick update to answer all the emails i am getting! YES they are finally here!! Pics and final head counts to follow once there has been a chance to sleep!
EDIT! Pics have been uploaded. We will be contacting people on our waiting list shortly.  >>Newford Newborns<<


22nd April 2011
Finally having the time to sit back and attack the website for updates and pictures! 
Our most recent update is we had a STONKING weekend in wales! Storm, Enzo, Merlin, Zara, Ruby and Bracken all came along for the weekend which was most definatly an enjoyable one, the weather was fantastic and the company wasnt hapf bad either!! The results spoke for them selves with Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster) Qualifying for Crufts 2012 with Handler/Owner Darren Brown. We are SO pleased for them as this is their first show dog and they have surpassed all expectations and we are so proud to have them as part of "Team Newford". Enzo placed 3rd in a very strong Puppy class on the Saturday at The Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales Champ show and then upped his game and placed 2nd at the Welsh Dobermann Club show on the sunday. 
Storm is on a roll at the moment and has remained unbeaten for the last 4 shows he has been to in his class. On both Saturday and Sunday Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) WON his Graduate classes.  Storm has now won his way out of Graduate class! 
Sadly Ruby, Zara, Merlin and Bracken were unplaced on the sunday but they are all progressing well. 

We are happy to confirm that Bracken (Emrichme Belgium at Newford) is in whelp to the fantastic CH Amazon Talk of the Devil, Puppies are due May 24th and we hope to have a healthy happy litter with us soon. Please see the litter page for more details. >>Upcoming litters<<

Picture updates 

3rd April 2010
Update cental here!!

Updated Ziva/Phoebe page >>Phoebe<<
New foster dog in need of a home >>HENRY<<
News on upcoming litter due May 2011 >>Upcoming litter<<
New picture of Ruby >>Ruby<<


15th March 2011
We have been a little slow on the updates it seems!

Have had a very busy few weeks, quiet a few updates on the pictures too. 
Our main update is our outing to Crufts!
This year Bracken and Storm attended, we once again had the fantastic company of John and Caroline Goddard (Storms owners) and Darren and Sam Brown (Enzos owners) Its a wonderful thing to have so much suport from such fantastic people!

Bracken was entered in to Post Gradauate Bitch, she has had only a  handful of outings last year but enough to qualify her! Out of a very strong class of 8 Bracken Placed 4th. This is our first placing at Crufts and we are so pleased! Bracken only started showing as a 2 yr old so had alot of catching up to do! She was also entered in to the Good Citizen Scheme class which you have to have been awarded a bronze or higher in this scheme, Bracken placed 2nd in this class!  So proud of my girl!! Considering she hadnt been shown for a good few months she was super!

Storm was entered in to Post Graduate Dog and although he showed his socks off and was a dream to handle sadly didnt place in a very strong class. He has already qualified for next year so onwards and upwards!


>> Picture updates on Rubys page - working pics
>> Picture updates on Storms page - Crufts pictures
>> Picture Updates on Brackens Page - Crufts pictures


We are taking a short break from showing at the moment but hope to be back out mid april again.  


6th Febuary 2011 
Another fantastic result for the Newford herd!
Attended South East Dobermann Club Champ show with Merlin, Zara, Enzo and Storm. Merlin placed 3rd in his MPD class and 3rd in PD class qualifying for Crufts 2012!

Zara pulled out all the stops and placed 3rd in Minor puppy bitch and then pulled a 2nd place in the Junior class! This also Qualifies her for Crufts 2012.
Enzo had another outing and placed a brilliant 5th in his MPD/PD.

Storm who is on a fantastic streak at the moment WON his Under graduate class! 


25th January 2011

A busy weekend!!  Saturday we attended Manchester champ show with Merlin, Zara, Lilly and Storm.  Merlin placed 4th in this puppy class. Storm once again exceeded our expectation and placed a fantastic 2nd  in a very strong Yearling  class, Once again storm qualifies for Crufts for 2012. 
Zara and Lilly were impeciablly well behaved however didnt place in their classes.

Zara, Merlin and Lilly were all tested for PHPV and all came back clear. 
Sunday was a short ride over to Birmingham& District Dobe club Open show. 
Merlin placed 4 and 5th in Minor Puppy dog and Puppy dog. Zara placed 2nd and

15th January 2011Merlin and Lilly attended Buckingham Canine Society Open show. There was no Puppy class at this show so both were entered in to the Junior class. Merlin Placed 2nd behind a lovely 16month old dog however this left him as the highest placing puppy. In turn Taking the award of Best Puppy In Breed! Way to Go Merlin!! Lilly Placed 5th in the same class!

9th January 2011 
Happy half year birthday to Merlin today! In celebration of this we started Merlins show career! Not only was this Merlins Show debut, Lilly (Newfords Sweet As Pie) made hers also. Merlin at the tender age of exatly 6 months old came a very respectable 2nd! Not bad for his first attempt! This was Lilly and Megans first show and they came 4th in the same class! 

1st January 2011 
It seems long gone are the New Years eves where you go ou, have a few drinks and bring in the new year with cheer.. This year was early to bed and up to Coventry Ladies Kennel Club open show on the 1st! 
Zara and Ruby came along. Zara placed 3rd in the Jr class while Ruby got a 4th in Post Grad.

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