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15th December 2012
Epic update time!
Storm (N.Cranberry Fizz) has put some serious miles under his belt and has attained 3 CACs (1 Netherlands and 2 Belgium)  1 CACL (Luxembourg) and  2 CACIBS under respected European judges. We are thrilled with his progress!  We are looking forward to the 2013 where we will continue to campaign him throughout the UK and Europe. 
The year has ended at LKA with all 4 dogs we took placing, N. One Vision 4th YB, N. Eleventh Hour 4th JD, N. Cranberry Fizz 4th OD & N. Just Dance 5th OB. 


9th November 2012
The house is once again getting empty and some much deserved peace and quiet for the winter months now! Brambles puppies have made their way to their new homes and is now concentrating on getting her figure back!  
N. Fame Monster JW (Enzo) had a super day at W & P B of Scotland and made the final 3 in the challenge, what an achievement, let hope next time its the top 2! His beautiful daughter Jojavik Coco Blush (Jo) was second in a strong MPB class, thanks to Victoria Ingram (Jojavik) for showing her. Jojo has already qualified for crufts 2013 and is doing very well, we are proud of her!

24th October 2012
As members of the Assured Breeders Scheme we are encouraged to screen our dogs for conditions which may be relevant to the breed. Some breeders seem to think its acceptable to breed from their dogs without testing and still like to class them self as responsible breeders while others openly embrace the testing and publish the results regardless of results. 
We would like to consider our selves in the second category, even if we are not going to breed from a dog we will encourge owners to test their dogs to give us a better understanding of what we are producing. If we cant learn from the past then there is no way we will be able to move forward. 

 We would happily provide any certificates backing up our stated results, in the next few weeks we will be adding more information but for now this is our page of results. 

>>>Overview of Newford's health test results<<< 


22nd October 2012
What a weekend! Our first trip to Holland with superb results, Myself and Storm did the 700 mile round trip to the International Dog Exhibition De Utrecht under Judge: Dhr. J. Liet. Newford Cranberry Fizz (Storm) entered in to Open Male gained Excellent Grading and 1st. In the Challenge he was awarded the top honour of the CAC and CACIB Taking Best male. He later went on to get Reserve Best of Breed. So proud of him, cant thank John & Caroline enough for keeping him in such fantastic condition and allowing me to show him. Happy G here!! 

While we were gallivanting about Jojo (Jojavik Coco Blush) Sired by the wonderful Enzo (N.Fame Monster JW) was placed 4th in a strong MPB class! Congrats guys! Page to follow shortly. 

Zara (N. Just Dance) had her Cardio Echo yesterday and passed with flying colours. At this point in time her heart shows no signs of DCM and is clear from it at this point in time.  Thank you to Birmingham Dobe Club for arranging the session.  (Certificate to follow)


16th October 2012
Due to a change in circumstance we have 2 puppies from our current litter available and looking for a forever home. 1 Male & 1 Female Black and Tan. 
>>>Litter details<<<

Our little house guests are doing very well, weaning started today so once they are strong enough they will take the trip home where their mum cant wait to have them home again! So proud of Bramble!

We have started taking the woofers swimming at a incredibly local doggy pool! >>>Wet Woofers<<< and its just fantastic! Some have taken to it faster than other but all coming around and the dogs sleep well at night after it! 

2nd October 2012
WOW! Never before have we have so many calls on one wee woof! Leo has met his new family and we have comleted a sucessful homecheck so we wish him the best of luck in his new home. Check back for updates.  :)


I thought now would be a good time to mention our other boarders! We currently have a litter off five week old Bullmastiff puppies staying with us. They have been with  us a few days now and doing well. Sadly their mum didn't take to them and failed to produce any milk, to give the litter the best chance of survival placing them with a foster mum was one of the few options they had left. There is a group on Facebook set up and designed to help link up people in need of foster mums with people who are able to help and on this occasion the timing of our own litter worked well. Although 2 weeks younger than our own puppies they have joined Bramble in her box and doing well. We have put a few pictures up  >>>Bramble & Bubbas<<<


30th September 2012
We have a young male who is looking for a new forever home, not bred by us but was approached to help with his fostering and rehoming. Due to us having a rather full house at the moment we were unable to Foster him personally but he is staying with friends locally.  Full details can be found on his page >>>LEO<<<


12th September 2012 
Brambles litter have graced us with their presence, 3 boys & 3 girls are still with us this morning after a difficult night. >>Litter Info<<


8th September 2012
Epic Update time!
Rubys puppies have all now got wonderful homes, we will be adding pages shortly with the newbies who plan on showing!


Last weekend found us back out in Luxembourg with the usual suspects, Storm, Enzo, Zara and newbie Cruz. Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) took EXC1 in Black open dog gaining his first CAC and then on to the RCACIB which was just wonderful! I was a little gobsmacked to say the least however the best part was calling Storms owners and telling them! Zara (N. Just Dance) graded EXC4 in open black bitch while Cruz (N. Eleventh Hour) got EXC3 in Junior Black Male. Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) was unplaced on this occasion however still graded EXC. 

While we have been absent from the ring while home with pups Enzo (N.Fame Monster JW) has been flying the flag proudly. Darren and Enzo Remaining continually placed in Limit dog, Today at Richmond once again taking 2nd in Limit behind a now new UK Champ! 

We have a new kid on the block who has been making his presence known! Cruz (Newfords Eleventh Hour) has been pup napped by me a few times with lovely results, His first show in Wales taking a 1st in Junior dog and then 2nd in Novice Dog. His Second trip away up to Scotland taking 2nd in Junior Dog and his 3rd Trip out taking 3rd in Junior dog.. lets hope the outings and placings dont keep matching up! We are thrilled Danielle and Scott are humoring me at the moment and letting me show him! 

We have a bit of a baby boom going on! Merlin (Mckennah Alson At Newford) is a proud daddy again to  5 boys ( 3 brown & Tan  and 2 black  & Tan) and 5 girls ( 3 brown & tan and 2 black & tan) Details  >>>here<<<   


15th August 2012
We are thrilled to announce that Brackens Mating with Highway was a success! This is Highways first litter in the UK and we are very excited to see what comes from the litter. We have a large number of reservations for this litter already so if you are interested in a puppy let us know, Working homes will always take priority due to the pedigree however we are also expecting non workers and looking for loving forever pet homes. Puppies are due around 15th September.

>>>Litter Page<<<

9th August 2012
This year seems to be flying by, not sure how all of a sudden its August!

due to a change in circumstances we have a Brown Male available from Ruby & Luthers litter, please see the updates page for new pictures, alternately if you are on facebook find us as I am always adding pages on there "Georgie Wilkinson Newford Dobermanns" will normally find me, Please message me first so I know who you are!  :)

>>Ruby & Luther Pups Updates<<


Fabulous news for 2 more of our Newford pups!

Buka (Newfords One Vision) has had her hip score back at 3:4 (7) and Jasper (Newfords Innuendo) came back at 3:3 (6) both super results!


31st July 2012
Some more updates!

Ruby & Luthers puppies are all growing well, turning my kitchen in to their own pooping paradise! 

We had our puppy party at the Dobe Club Companion show which was a nice turn out, thanks to everyone who joined us, the Companion show reported back making just under £3000 which is fantastic! Page has been updated with a few pictures of our lot on the day >>Puppy Party<<


16th July 2012

What a weekend!!!

Another trip over to Luxemboug with Enzo & Zara.

Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) Placed EXC1 in open black male taking the CACL! One more of these and he becomes a Luxembourg Champion! He won a very strong class of 12 with dogs from all over europe entered, Its such a nice feeling to see your dog not only win in his home country but also against different dogs! Zara (N. Just Dance) was graded Excellent however unplaced. Photos to follow.

While in Luxembourg Bracken was mated to the stunning FR CH Destinys Phoenix Highway To Hell, we will be scanning to confirm pregnancy in 4 weeks time! If all goes to plan pups are due to be born mid September, This is the first litter due by Highway in the UK and we are incredibly excited to see what he and bracken produce. 


All Puppies from Rubys litter are now reserved, if you are interested in getting a puppy from us in the future please contact us to be placed on our waiting list for our next litter.

9th July 2012

We are thrilled to announce our latest arrivals, Ruby & Luther have done us proud and given us 10 healthy squeekers! 5 Brown males, 1 brown female, 2 black females and 2 black males. We currently have 1 brown male unreserved. Please contact if you are interested in this boy. >>Newfords Newborns<<


7th July 2012

Page added for our Puppy Party. >>>Puppy Party 2012<<<


13th June 2012
Updates to Zaras page, we have added an working page with some super images of her at work! >>Zara Working Gallery<<

Ruby was scanned today and confirmed in whelp with 11 puppies, due for 10th July we cant wait to meet them! We have a full waiting list for this litter and are not taking any further reservations at this point in time.  >>Ruby & Luther's Litter<<


10th June 2012

Update time!!
Southern counties:
Enzo (N.FameMonster JW) 1st Yearling Dog

Buka (N. One Vision) 4th Maiden Bitch

Mason (Wenags Dream Taker) 3rd Open Dog 


Guildford & District Open: 
Buka- (N. One Vision) 3rd Junior
Zara (N.Just Dance) 1st Graduate
Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) 1st Open, Best of breed and on to Working Group 2. 


Three Counties Ch Show:

Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) 1st Limit Dog
Buka: (N. One Vision) 4th Maiden Bitch


Enzo has become a proud daddy recently. 

A Litter of 3 stunning girls to Tracy's Koko (Jojavik Blousey Brown JW ShCM) They were so lovely that one of the brown girls has gone to live with her daddy! Jovi (Jojavik Coco Blush) is owned by Darren & Sam Brown. We shall be adding her to the site shortly, definitely one to watch!

A chunky litter of 9 to Nick and Pennys Ramona (Monarkle Rock Chickster)  Pups are now 2 weeks old and thriving beautifully.

The latest and for now final installment, A litter of 10 to Bee's Storm (Martenburgs Puss In Boots) were born yesterday. 
If you are interested in one of these puppies please click on the name of the dam which will take you to their page where contact details and photos can be found. 


Mason has been placed in a forever home and taken up showing. Bit of a shock to the system when he in his first show placed 3rd in Open Dog gaining his stud book number and life time qualifications to crufts! Talk about starting with a bang! Look out for him later on in the ring! >>Mason<<


2nd June 2012

Been epically busy over the last few weeks so slacked on the updates, apologies! 


Merlin (McKennah Alson At Newford) 2nd Yearling Dog qualfying for crufts 2013, his first time out this year!
Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) Made if down to the last 7 dogs in Open dog out of 22, was over the moon with this result. 
Buka (Newfords One Vision) 2nd Puppy Bitch
Rani (Newfords Made In Heaven) 4th Puppy Bitch.. this was her first show, no training before hand very pleased with her! Page to be added soon! 
Zara (Newfords Just Dance) 4th Yearling Bitch

To top it off Buka and Rani both tested CLEAR for PHPV! 


Dobe Club CH:
Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) 2nd Yearling dog, behind the RCC winner. Storm 3rd open dog (N. Cranberry Fizz)

Buka (N. One Vision) 5th Junior Bitch
Zara (N. Just Dance) 4th Yearling Bitch
Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) 2nd Limit dog (Behind the RCC winner.. again!!)
Storm (N.Cranberry Fizz) 5th Open Dog

To top it off Buka, Storm and Zara all passed their KC Bronze Good citizen Scheme test... not bad considering no training was done! :D

Enzo flying the flag solo for us at  Wickford & Basildon open show under Judge Ray McDonald won 1st OD and BOB. Then got on to WG2. Well done guys!


Brilliant news on our foster kids,  Candy has gone to her new home. She now lives in the middle of the woods with her new dad and his friend, loads of cuddles and walks to be had! Good feed back so far!
Mason is currently on a trial placement but everything looks very positive at the moment and in all seriousness how could you not fall in love with him!


Ruby has been mated and we are awaiting the results of her scan, we will keep those who are on our waiting list posted on her progress. 


10th May 2012
Because we are 2 things.. one a soft touch and two concluded that you can never have enough Dobermanns in your Home we have a extra Foster at the moment. Mason has come to us through no fault of his own  but has fitted in seamlessly. >>>Mason<<<


6th May 2012
Brilliant day at Witney & District open Show, Buka (N. One Vision) Placed 1st puppy, Best Puppy in breed and Working Puppy Group 4. 
Storm placed 3rd in Open!
A super well done to Holli Kavanah and Chito for doing the Dobermanns proud and taking BEST IN SHOW!!
Updated pictures of Buka. 

27th April 2012

 We have a new house hold member in for a little while, Candy was given up by her previous owners and is with us till a new forever home can be found. >>>Candy<<<
We have also added Sacha to our re homing page, Sascha is with a friend of ours who was returned to her breeders, she is also looking for a new forever home >>Sasha<<

Ruby has FINALLY come in to season so all going to plan will be mated next month, if all goes to plan puppies will be due 4th July.  
Zara has started shutzhund training again and is very much enjoying her self!


We are very proud to announce that Enzo has become a daddy to 3 little girls! They are now 3 weeks old and doing very well despite being born 8 days early. his 2nd litter has just been confirmed by ultrasound and we are very excited to see what comes out!  >>>Enzo Progeny<<<


6th April 2012
Finally time to sit down and do a few updates!

Last weekend found us over in Luxembourg at the International show, Enzo Zara and Storm came along. Enzo was graded/placed VG4 in Intermediate Black Male, Storm was graded VG and Zara graded Excelent but with no placing. Dogs were superbly well behaved and was a very enjoyable weekend. 

This last week Me and Ruby have been incredibly busy with her TV debut! 3 days/nights of filming with a very compliant Ruby for a 3 part TV series due out end of this year/beginning of next. As soon as we have air dates we will be letting everyone know. Ruby was doted on by everyone on set and spoilt rotten! She did almost everything we asked but apparently her demands wernt met so she wasnt going to do some of the scenes! 

Dates agreed on for our Puppy Party this year, July 22nd from 2-6 we will be inviting back all our puppies and families for a afternoon of playing and munching in the garden, trying to arrange the catering at the moment but apparently mention to the company there may be up to 30 dobermanns about and they start to back out!!


Update on Hermione our foster... she has now gone to her forever home... on my bed upstairs! Having arranged to have someone come out and meet her as a prospective home Alex informs me that she is home and I should cancel them.  Welcome home Hermione!


25th March 2012
A lovely day to spend outside!
Ruby  (Newford Valencia) partook in the Avon Dogs Sports Group Trial to do her BH, we walked away from the day with a Pass which is fantastic. 
We will now be able to work towards our IPO1 and ZPT exams for next year after her litter. 


18th March 2012
We have been slightly busy with a new arrival of ours, Hermione. Please see her page for full details on her and how we came to have her in our lives. 



12th March 2012
Another delay in updating but I promise its been worth it!


Headed up to Crufts en Masse, The results were blinding and words fail me when it comes to how happy I was at the end of the day. Page created detailing full results and pictures  >>>CRUFTS RESULTS<<<  


A  outing to Kent County with Buka, Zara Enzo and Zeke!
Zeke had his first outing and Darren had a go with him, he shows alot of promise so looking forward to the upcoming months with him. 
Buka took BPIB and went on to take WPG2 again, she is a pleasure to show!

Enzo took 2nd in Open, Zara took 1st in Post Graduate and Zeke placed 5th in junior. Fab day really with brilliant company!



18th Feb 2012
Uber update on website.. probally on things no one would ever notice! Progeny page added to Bracken and Brambles pages. 

Fab day out at Maidenhead District Open show today!
Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster JW) took 1st Open, BOB and on to WG4, What a star!!

Buka (Newfords One Vision) 5th Junior

Zara (Newfords Just Dance) 5th Post Grad

Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) 4th Open 


15th Feb 2012
If i Could have a £1 for every time I say how rubbish I am at updating I would be a very rich woman by now!
As per usual we have been all over the place. 
Off to Southampton District with Buka and Zara.

Buka placed 5th in Junior

Zara 4th in Post grad.

We braved the ice and snow to make an appeance at the South East of England Dobermann Club CH show, people made it from all over including scotland and Ireland but the more local people found them self stranded on driveways! We were there en masse and I have to say showing 5 dogs over 2 rings with only one extra set of hands isnt stressful at all.. honest!! 


Enzo (N.Fame Monster JW) 1st Yearling Dog
Buka (Newfords One Vision) 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch
Jasper (Newfords Innuendo) 2nd Minor Puppy Dog
Zara (Newfords Just Dance)  5th Yearling Bitch
Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) 4th Open

Bracken (Emrichme Belgium at Newford) 5th Open 


Now on to what was one very special event. 

Every 2 years The Dobermann Club holds an event called The Dobermann Classic, it is an invitational only event for dogs who have won CC's or RCC's over a 2 year period.  Storm recieved his invite due to his RCC he won at LKA in december sneaking in at the very last minute. Due to one dog winning most of the CC's this year entries were opened to JW and BPIB winners, Because of this Enzo recieved an invite with his JW award. 


The first round Storm was up against a dog we regularly compete against and swap places, on this occasion the other dog went though and we ended there. I was proud of him beyond anything though, to get there in the first place was an achievement. 
Enzo came up against a dog again he has been against many a time and the judge made comments to the stewards how hard it was for him as they were both superb dogs! Enzo won this round and went on to the next. In the next round he came up against a very impressive import male, Enzo didnt go any further but the dog that did beat him went on to the final 8 so we were happy with that!
Was such an honour to be there, only 2 years ago i was at the event as a new-comer to the breed wondering if i would ever have a dog here... little did I know 2 years later i was there with 2 of my dogs. Proud doesnt even cover it!


I have added a page with some of the pictures from the night >>Classic 2012<<<


We have added a new page for Zeke, Zeke is from Merlin and Brambles litter last year. Newford After Hours as he is otherwise known will hopefully be having a go in the breed ring later on this year.  >>>Zeke<<< 


25th Jan 2012
Another weekend another strech of shows! Last weekend took us up to Stafford to Manchester Champ Show on the saturday and Birmingham Dobe Open on the sunday. 
On Saturday we had really pleasing results again,

Buka (N. One Vision) Placed 1st in  Minor Puppy Bitch - This placing Qualifies her for Crufts 2013. 
Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) 2nd Yearling dog, Ever consistent this boy Enzo!

Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) 5th Open Dog, Really pleased with Storms constant results, 5 Open dog classes and 4 places, cant be happier than that!


Sunday after a brief stay overnight in the van kept warm by Dobe-fart-power we attended the Birmingham Dobe Open. Always a nice day out but the real reason for attending was the the limited obedience classes held there along side with the conformation showing. 
Ruby (N. Valencia) came along and was entered in to Special pre beginners and pre beginners Obedience, Taking 1st place in the special and 2nd in the beginners class.. and then for good measure we entered her in to a conformation class (Graduate bitch) where she placed 4th!

Buka placed 5th in MPB

Storm 5th in OD again. 
Roll on next weekend!! 


15th Jan 2012
Website update time!
Ruby has had new working images added, New picture updates and working images for Merlin too.  
>>>Ruby<<<  >>>Merlin<<<

14th Jan 2012
Buka (N. One Vision) Attended Buckinhamshire & District Canine Open show today with brilliant results, Placing 3rd in Junior and being the highest placing puppy she was awarded best puppy in breed, she  later went in to take Working Puppy Group 2! Thanks to Breed judge Yvonne Cox and Group Judge Jannet Starkey for our first group placing.



 8th January 2012
Been horrifically bad on the updates! So many shows and results. 

18th December we attended  Horsham & District show, Buka attended and took 2nd in Puppy!
1st January we attended Coventry Ladies Association Open Show with Buka and Zara. Buka placing 3rd in her puppy and Jr class. Zara took a wonderful 2nd in her Graduate class! Worth not having a late NYE!!


A little closer was our trip to Paris Dog Show CACIB! 
We took the 750 mile trip over to Paris with Storm, Enzo, Zara and Buka. All taking it in their stride and taking advantage of the new Pet Passport scheme allowing Buka to attend! 
The Dogs behaved impeccably and the results speak for them selves, 4 dogs, 4 places!
Enzo (N.Fame Monster JW) EXC1 Intermediate Black Male (1st place, graded Excellent)
Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) EXC2  Open Black Male (2nd place, Graded Excellent)

Zara (N. Just Dance) EXC3 Intermediate Black Female (3rd place, graded Excellent)

Buka (N. One Vision) P2 Puppy Black Female (2nd place, Graded Promising)


Roll on March when we will be taking a trip out to Luxembourg again with a similar crew! 


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