Whats been happening in 2014...

As 2014 draws to an end we wish all of our doggy families the best for 2015. 

Thankyou for being apart of our journey! 


20th December 2014 
We welcomed our human litter in to the world. A beautiful little girl has graced us with her prescence. The dogs are smitten (as are we!) 


Show results (because being massively pregnant hasnt stopped me!)



Linda 2nd MPB
Juno 4th MPB

Luca 2nd JD


Horsham & District

Linda 2nd Junior

Luca 1st Open - BOB


Reading & district

Linda 3rd Junior

Luca 2nd Grad


Cheptow & District

Linda - 3rd Junior

Luca - 2nd Post Grad

Izzy - 1st Open, BOS


Stourbridge & District




Coventrey Ladies Association

Linda 2nd Puppy

Luca 3rd Junior, 4th Grad.

6th November 2014


Emrichme Bermuda At Newford 
Bramble, Brambledog, logdog. 
17/09/2007 - 3/11/2014


The cornerstone of everything I love in this world was peacefully put to sleep on monday to end her suffering. She had mammary cancer which had spread to her lymph nodes in her arm pits, she had given up and the decision was made to let her sleep.


Bramble gave me the most precious gifts I could ever wish for, she raised her own puppies and then a whole heap more even when she didnt have a litter of her own. 
Hated showing but gave me the most amazing record any one bitch could give me. 
Her children have gained 70+ CAC, 7 CACIB, 5 RCC, 2 Multi CH, 1 Int CH, 2 BH, 2 AD and the most important thing of all countless family members, confidants, pillows, bed warmers and best friends.

Untill we meet again Bramble-dog. 

28th October 2014
Health updates :)

Newfords Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & Newfords Linda Lovelace have both been tested Clear for PHPV. health page updated. 


Show updates

double whammy weekend with 2 champshows back to back, to say I was worn out by sunday night would be an understatement!

Saturday at Midland Counties under Judge Stuart Mallard. 

Luca - N. Jabbawocky placed 5th in Junior Dog

Cruz - N. Eleventh Hour placed 5th in Limit Dog

Izzy - Lux CH Issabella Wot A Thriller was in placed in open bitch. 


Sunday we went to Midland & District Dobermann Club CH Show. 

Under Breed specialist Dog judge Eileen Mathews (Heathwaen). & Bitch judge  Graham Hunt (Salate)

Luca - N. Jabbawocky was unplaned in Junior Dog and then 5th in Novice Dog. 

Izzy - Lux CH Issabella Wot A Thriller placed 4th out of 16 bitches in open bitch!

Linda  was entered in to the puppy walk, for pups aged 4-6 months under Judge Hillary Partridge Duckham and placed 3rd. 

Cruz - N. Eleventh Hour pulled out the stops here and won his Limit dog class, the Dog RCC and then in joint decision of Graham Hunt went Reserve Best In Show! Cant thank the judges for thinking so highly of Mr Cruz! 


We have a black and Tan male puppy remaining from our current litter due to time wasters, no puppies have been alocated yet so at this point in time we couldnt say which puppy it is. If you are interested in offering a forever home for one of our furkids then please get in contact

12th October 2014


Fab news from the Eaton Family, Vespa (Newfords Little Bo Peep) at 5 months old passed her Bronze KC Good citizen Scheme test, Really nice to hear of her doing so well. 


Results from Welsh Dobermann Club CH show!

The boys under Jay Horgan (Aritaur)

Baxter - Newfords Krime Scene, Owned & Handled byAnita Froomes had their show debut and did it with style winning Minor puppy dog! Exceptionally proud of the both of them!
Cooper - Newfords Kid Rock, Owned by Rich King placed 3rd in Minor puppy dog, happy both boys have qualified for Crufts. 

Luca - Newfords Jabbawocky had a day of 2's placing 2nd in Junior dog, Novice dog and under Grad Dog. 

Loki - Newfords Fahrenheit Owned & Handled by Claire Riches placed 2nd in Graduate Dog. 

Cruz - Newfords Eleventh Hour owned by Danii Marsdenplaced 3rd in a strong Limit class. 

On to the girls under Hazel Jones. 

Juno - Newfords Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Owned by Laura Nicholas placed 4th in Minor puppy bitch. 

Buka - Newfords One Vision owned by Caroline & John Goddard having had a 18 month break from the ring and making me my beautiful Linda was shown at Carolines request to try to qualify her for Crufts.. Buka obliged and went and won her post grad bitch class! Over the moon with that! 

Izzy - issabella wot a thriller had her first time up in Open class and on this occasion was unplaced. 

and finally.. 
Linda - Newfords Linda Lovelace (NAF) handled by Lynne Jones in the puppy walk under Chris Hollands (Zarosa) stood alone but the judge loved her! Thank you for all the lovely comments on the little reprobate!


27th September 2014

We took a trip up to White Rose Shutzhund Club in Yorkshire to participate in our AD Exam. This is a 20km bike run for the dogs followed by a very basic heel off lead and sit stay excercise. Sofie, Ruby & Zara took part and we are pleased to say all 3 girls passed. Massive thankyou to the helpers who cycled with the kids since I was apparently banned from it!! 



Fantastic news from Norway and Veronica Cloin!

BSBK National Show

Judge - Carsten Birk (Denmark)


Newfords Keep Talking VP1 puppy, BOB puppy. 
- Square buildt with elegant lines, well chizzeled head of good length. 
Well carried ears, good bite. Exellent topline, good angulations, prima catfeet. Exellent coat and colour, free movements. Good temperament


Newfords Kaiser Chief VP1 puppy, BOS Puppy.

Prima proportions and substance, masculine head and good bite. Great angle of neck, prima short back, lovely substance and feet. Already now great forechest. Great angulations, wonderful underline, Correct markings. 
Moves lovely and free, prima temperament.


In puppy group out of 26 others Vilije went BIG4!!

Not forgetting daddy Diezel taking Veteran BOB and BIS4 Veteran!


22nd September 2014

A very busy weekend!

Friday night saw the safe arrival of our M litter, Bracken delivered 6 girls and 5 boys, all doing wonderfully! Please see our upcoming litters page for more infomation on this exciting combination.

M Litter 


Saturday found us at Excter Open Show with Sofie, Luca & Cruz. 

Judge was breed specalist Lynne Jones (Korify) where Luca (N. Jabbawocky) placed 3rd in a very strong Junior class, Sofie (Sofia Del Nasi) won a fantastic Limit Class with Cruz (N. Eleventh Hour) also winning his Open class! 


Sunday we attended Okehampton & District Open show where I had my first judging appointment, I was pleased to have a super entry of quality dogs with my BOB and BPIB both taking Group 2 under Tegwin Jones. Thankyou to all who entered I had a fantastic day. 


Updated pictures of Sofie, Luca & Cruz thanks to the tallented Sam & Lynne Jones. 


14th September 2014

We attended Plymouth Distict Open Show with Luca & Izzy. 

Izzy placed 2nd in Open and took Reserve Best of Breed, Luca placed 3rd in Junior. Linda came for a lovely day out and had a fab jaunt on the beach. Anyone who has us on facebook will see from time to time we upload silly videos of the stuff we get up to with Linda. This puppy isnt normal, she puts up with so much and just takes it all in her stride, Sunday was no exception when she had a ride on a merry go round!! 


Overseas Vilije (Newfords Keep Talking)had another fantastic win!
Veronica Cloin attended 
NSBK National Show - Norway - Judge: Robert Bambach

She was graded VP1 - then on to BOB Puppy, later on in the puppy group out of all the BOB puppies present she placed BIS Puppy 4. 

Critique : very good head with good lines. Vg bite. Elegant neck and very elegant body. Very good chest with exellent depth, very good topline. Exellent movements. Very good type

Fantastic news girls!! 


8th Septemeber 2014

Another weekend and another road trip.. thankfully for now we are staying in the UK till our human litter arrives now!

Rotterdam Internationl Show and Benelux Winner show was attended by Storm  (N. Cranberry Fizz) and Izzy (Issabella Wot A Thriller) with a clean sweep of results!

Storm won Exc1 Ch Male, CAC, CACIB & BOB. Topping this off he was then short listed to the final 6 in the group. This final win in the Netherlands gives Storm enough points to finish his Dutch Championship title and with it being the Benelux Winners show adds this as a title for him too!

Storm is now gracefully retiring from international showing, we think 11 titles is quiet enough! He will be attending Crufts 2015 and then once 7 will attend Veteran classes. 

Izzy not content with her fresh wins in Luxembourg pulls out all the stops and wins Exc1 Intermediate Bitch then the CAC/CACIB (Best bitch) She competed against storm for the BOB but on this occasion storm pipped her to the post. Izzy will resume being campagined in the Netherlands later next year with the hope to finish her Dutch title as well. 


30th August 2014

The inabilty to stay in the UK is high right now! 
Back from a whirlwind trip to Luxembourg International show with a few of the beasties!

Storm - N. Cranberry Fizz placed EXC3 in Black Male CH class, 

Luca - N. Jabbawocky  placed EXC2 in Junior Male Class

Izzy - Issabella Wot A Thriller placed ECX1 Intermediate Brown female being awarded the CACL and making her up to a Lux CH. 

Linda - N. Looney Tunes came for her debut and was awarded VP1 Baby Female, Best Baby and then in the baby group from 30 other pups was short listed to the final 10! Not bad kid.. not bad at all!! 

Bracken has been confirmed in whelp to Vinnie and details have been added to our litters page.

















We are very fond of her and would love her to stay but due to other life commitments (a Human litter this time!) its probably not best for us to have another puppy :( 

We think she is  very much worthy of a show home and would love to place her in a home with someone who would be able to show her off to the best of her advantage. She has a very level character, she is not a working dog but happier to just toddle around and sit on your lap

Please contact us for more information and pictures.


As for the show kids.. So far have had a fantastic year with so many of our new kids qualifying for Crufts 2015!

Newfords Jabbawocky & Newfords Just William both qualified a their first shows.

Newfords Imagine The Chaos Qualified by WINNING his Junior dog class at Windsor CH show.

Newfords Fahrenheit & Newfords Freak Like Me have both Qualified too!

The boys are doing really well and the girls at the moment slacking a little!!


We have a few litters due from our boys, Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) Noodles (Funky Noodles Wot A Thriller) and Dexter (Newfords Freak Like Me) all have litters cooking so please contact us for information. 


We have a litter planned for January 2015 from Ruby (Newford Valencia BH) however after that we are unsure of when our next litter will be due to our human litter. We are looking to have live in help (Drivers licence a must due to our location) so if you know of anyone looking for something like this who is ok with babies and puppies crying then please give us a shout! If we can find someone who is reliable, doesn't scream when they see me looking like i have been up all night (as i would have been) and has plenty of initiative to just get on with things then we could think about other litters. A love for animals is a must and not minding finding poop on your just fresh on trousers is the foundation of making it out sane! Keep us in mind, we are not fussed on age but people need to understand this is a 24 hour a day roll (with sleeping time obviously) and while there is much sitting about there also times where you just dont stop. ever.  ;)


June 28th 2014

Windsor CH Show results 

The Boys
Newfords Jabbawocky - 2nd puppy dog (good oooooooooh!)
Newfords Just William 4th puppy dog 
Newfords Imagine The Chaos - 1st junior dog (you wot!!!)
Newfords Freak Like Me - 3rd yearling dog 
Newfords Fahrenheit 4th yearling dog 
Newfords Innuendo - 2nd post grad dog 
Multi/Int CH Newford Cranberry Fizz 2nd Open Dog & 1st Good Citizen dog 

The girls 
Newfords Jezzabelle Gem unplaced PB 
Newfords Hoi Poloi - unplaced JB 
Sofia del Nasi - unplaced YB (needs her own special class for canine giraffe hybrids, societies please take note!) 
Isaabelle wot a thriller (imp) 2nd post grad (can we borrow a tail for crufts!)

And now to KFC for some dinner!! Many thanks to judgeDebbie Stansbury for the lovely placings.


1st June 2014

Shattered from southern counties CH show under breed judge Jeanne walker. 

Newfords Jabbawocky 2nd MPD
Newfords Fahrenheit 2nd YD 
Newfords Imagine The Chaos 4th JD
Newfords Freak Like Me 5th YD 
Newfords caught in the act at Martifers 5th YB 
Newfords Eleventh Hour 3rd LD
Multi/int CH Newford Cranberry fizz 2nd good citizen class. 


18th May 2014

Escaped for a little while to attend Christchurch canine society open show. 
Weather was wonderful and the show was so very well run! 
No dobe classes (for now!) so everyone was AV Something!

Luca - Newfords Jabbawocky - 2nd AVNSC working Junior & 3rd in puppy stakes winning him self a fiver.. And a pigs ear! 
Kazo - Newfords imagine the chaos - 2nd AV working yearling
Sofie - Sofia del Nasi - 1st AVNSC Working post grad 
And ... Izzy... Isabella wot a thriller 1st AV Working yearling beautifully handled for his first time by Carl. Fudged classes with 2 dogs in so he had to take her... And the swine beat me!! LOL. I'll make a handler of him yet!


27th April 2014

Finally homeward bound from a fantastic day as The Dobermann Trust Spring Fling. 

Thank you to the judges for the lovely results. 

Luca - Newfords Jabbawocky won puppy dog and best puppy in show. 

Kazo - Newfords Imagine The chaos 3rd yearling dog 

Dexter - Newfords Freak Like Me 1st Yearling dog!!

Cruz - Newfords Eleventh Hour 3rd intermediate dog 

Noods - multi ch funky noodles wot a thriller - 3rd champion class & short listed in open dog! 

Gem - Newfords Jezebel Gem 5th puppy bitch. 

Izzy , sofie, cash (N. hellraiser), callie & ruby were unplaced but had a good day! Thank you so much to my wonderful handlers Laura & Sherry!! 

Ruby - Newford Valencia BH was borrowed by Georgia waughman and won her junior handling class. 
I then borrowed her and won the adult handling! Good ruby! 

Not finished with her took her outdoor a spin on the agility have a go and my first attempt resulted in a face plant however after a small amount of dignity returned we went back and got a very respectable 19second round! Didn't count it for fastest dobe time as everyone has gone by then! 

Also.. Mega thank you albeit somewhat embarrassed for the UK Dobe Ex personality award thing... However... I put the wobbly finger down in a bag to run a spoon and bonio ring and it was never seen again! Typical! My dash was looking forward to that! Lol 

Thank you to the trust team for such a wonderful fun day out!


13th April 2014

Lovely day at Welsh Dobe open!
Thanks to judge Helen Townshend for the lovely results. 
Newfords Jabbawocky 3rd minor puppy 
Newfords Imagine The Chaos - 2nd junior dog. Really happy with the way he showed, boot camp seems to have worked! 
Newfords Fahrenheit 1st yearling and novice Dog. He looked a treat!
Newfords Eleventh hour 3rd Limit dog 
Sofia del nasi 5th junior bitch
Isabella wot a thriller 5th novice bitch


6th March 2014

Through an unimaginable level of tired in our way to our next destination for the day. 
A lovely day at crufts, no places this year in the main classes however it was fantastic to see so many of my beasties in one spot. 
Storm won KC GCS class today which was lovely. 
Thank you all so much for coming and here's to another successful year with you all.


1st March 2014

A quick jaunt over to Groningen, results for my lot

Luca (Newfords Jabbawocky) VP1 Best Baby. 
Storm ( multi / INT Ch Newford Cranberry Fizz) Ex1 Ch class, RCAC, RCACIB. 

WOW! Luca's FIRST international show at the age of 5 months and a half months in Netherlands. Martini International dog show (Groningen) VP1 Baby, Best Baby In Breed and then in the Baby Group of 22 other super pups he takes BBIS2! (Reserve Best Baby In Show) 

He was an absolute star and took everything in his stride and just padded round the ring of honour like it was his! What a LEGEND! He has won the biggest rosette I have ever seen! Official photos by Kynoweb to follow. ♥ 


24th Febuary 2014

Match night at Salisbury & District CA Match night and Luca-poopa-tron (Newfords Jabbawocky) takes Best puppy in Match & Reserve best in match!


8th Febuary 2014

Lovely day at Salisbury & Wiltshire CA Limit show today. 
Cruz (Newfords Eleventh Hour) won AV Working Open and then went on to take Working Group 1. 
Judge: HELENA HUTCHINGS (Jenerelena)
Izzy (Issabella Wot A Thriller) won AV working junior. 
Loki (Newfords Fahrenheit) 2nd in AV Working Yearling.


29th January 2014

A New year and a whole new year of adventures ahead!
Manchester CH show under Tracey Feeney (Diego) Newfords Hoi Polloi placed 5th in Puppy bitch and 4th in Junior bitch.  
BDDC Open the following day Ruby & Zara were 4th & 5th in their obedience class which was always a laugh!  Luca (N. Jabbawocky) had his first little puppy walk and placed a very respectable 3rd! What a dude!

Henley on Thames District CA Cruz (N. Eleventh Hour) attended and took BOB and G2 under Breed Kym Nicol-Jones and Margret Wildman, Fantastic start to the year for him! Kalie (N. Hoi Polloi) placed 2nd in Junior Bitch.  

Upcoming litter page has been updated to include full health results and pedigrees of our planned matings. We do have a waiting list for our puppies so if you are interested in one please get in contact and we will see what we can do!



14th August 2014

What a day at Bournemouth ch show! 

6 years ago This was my first ever show and my results were slightly different!

Luca - Newfords Jabbawocky 1st Puppy Dog, BPD. 
Kazo - Newfords Imagine The Chaos - 2nd Junior Dog.. Despite being a total knob!! 
Cruz - Newfords Eleventh Hour 1st Limit Dog 

Sofie - Sofia del Nasi, 3rd yearling bitch 
Callie - Newfords Hoi Polloi 4th junior bitch 
Izzy - Issabella wot a thriller 1st post grad bitch

Nothing further in the challenges, but many thanks to judge Viv Philips, you are now on my Christmas card list! 


6th August 2014




Paignton Ch show - Judge Penny Mcilroy-Stracey (Krieger) 

Luca (N. Jabbawocky) - 3rd puppy dog 

Sofie (Sofia Del Nasi - 3rd yearling bitch (omg she beat something!!)
Izzy  (Issabella Wot A Thriller) - 3rd post grad bitch


New photos for Sofie & Izzy. 


2nd August 2014

Lovely day at NECDS open & ch show held on the same day! (This idea needs to catch on!!)

CH show Judge Ilona Osten Shenk Open show judge Paul Andre. 

Luca - Newfords Jabbawocky
Open: 2nd PD 1st ND
CH: 1st PD 1st ND

Sofie - Sofia del Nasi 
Open: 4th YB
CH: 4th YB

Izzy - Issabella wot a thriller 
Open: missed class. 
CH: 2nd GB

Cruz - Newfords Eleventh Hour 
Open: 4th LD
CH: 5th LD 


SEEDC Open Show Judge Janis King

Luca - 3rd PD, 1st ND. 

Sofie - 4th YB

Izzy - 2nd PGB


We have updated our litters page to included a litter planned for end of September 2014, this is being bred in partnership with my Ex-Husband and rather excited to see what this combination will bring. Sire will be announced on conformation of pregnancy. 


We also have "Linda" available for a show home, she is from our L litter and is far too settled here! We would love to keep her (and its killing me to have to offer her to another family) but for the sake of my sanity its the wisest decision. We are happy to have her in a home which will bring her to shows and we handle or a handler who wishes to learn the ropes. 


15th July 2014

A little jaunt over to Luxembourg to the Luxmbourg Doobermann Club Trophy Show. A slightly damp day but never the less a fantastic weekend with lovely company. 

Newfords Jabbawocky EXC4 Junior black male from a superb class of 16. The last natural ear/tail standing too, very proud of my boy as it was a big class and very different to how we show in the UK. 
Sofia del Nasi VG3 Junior brown female (she is really sorry to she boy she stole a hot dog from....) 
Newfords Hellraiser VG intermediate black male 
Newfords Eleventh Hour EXC 4 open black male. Fantastic class and cruz showed beautifully. 

And izzy. 
Bloody izzy!! 

She can now count her trophies instead of potatoes as she was EXC1 CACL intermediate brown female, and then best brown female! Go izzle go. Nothing further in BIS but showed lovely. 

Many thanks to judges Margret O'sullivan & John Walsh for the placings.



8th July 2014

We are still alive!!! 

I am not sure where the year has gone so far but its passing far too fast, I have been incredibly bad at updates as I tend to post to FB these days! New website is in its final stages of completion so hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will be switching over and i'll pull my finger out and have the news transferred over. 


Our puppies are happily in their new homes now and we are loving seeing pictures of them taking over sofas and beds.


We however do have one exceptional female from out L Litter available.

 Newfords Looney Tunes - DOB 10/5/14 VWD Clear by parentage. Black & Tan Bitch. 

16th August 2014

Today at Norwegian Dobermann Winner Show 2 of our international babies had their debut. 


Newfords Kaiser Chief - VP1 and BIS puppy, earning the title NDK puppy winner 2014
Newfords Keep Talking VP1 and BOS puppy, also getting her NDK puppy winner 2014 title

These two pups made Dobermann history today becoming the first ever UK bred male & female siblings winning toghether at the Dobermann Winner showing Norway, earning their first titles of NDKV puppy 2014. Cant thank Veroinica for letting me use Diezel and thikning so much of the litter taking these guys back to Norway to campagin them! 


Pages added for Kaiser & Vilije

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