Whats been happening in 2015...

December 31st 2015

So much has happened.. we have been so busy I havent even had time to sit at the laptop and update bits!



14th November Riots puppies arrived catching us off guard a week early, 1 black girl 2 brown girls, 3 brown boys & 2 black boys. Riot has been a super mum and made having the litter a pleasure. All the pups soon found their forever homes and we are happy to welcome so many new people in to our extended family. 


LKA Ch Show

Linda placed 4th in her first Post grad bitch class & Jazmin (Newfords Phifty Shades) on her debut placed a very respectable 3rd in Minor puppy bitch. 


See you all in the new year! 


October 22nd 2015
Weekend away with Linda

Birmingham Naitonal - Linda 5th JB 

Birmingham District Dobe Ch - 5th JB
Very frustrating as Linda managed to hurt her tail somehow and meant she looked rather sad. 


October 5th 2015

Welsh Dobe - Linda flying solo in JB taking a 5th place, Sofie joined us for the day having her Cardiac Troponin


1st October 2015

"Popped*" to Driffield CH show today. 

1st in junior for Linda - Newfords Linda Lovelace
3rd in open for Darren & Sam's Enzo- Newfords Fame Monster JW (who I have missed seeing dearly!) 

And another 1st limit win got the handsom Morgan, (Martifers Pot noodle JW) daddy noods is super proud again! Well done Jenny ! 

Many thanks to Gloria Pascoe for the placings. 

*by popped I mean 500 miles! Need my head seeing to.



22nd September 2015

What a weekend!! 

Saturday at Llanelli & district open show under John scanlan, Macen (Newfords Moves like Jagger) won best puppy & puppy group 3 with Debra & Gruff Morgan

All the way down in Gibraltar, Juno & Laura Nicholas ( Newfords Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) won Intermediate black bitch & a GCC. 
Also placing at the club & second Int show with excellent gradings. 


In Denmark Veronica Cloin with Vilje (Newfords Keep Talking) wins exc1, FCI Copenhagen Junior Winner title & 4th over all female. 

And Sunday at Eastbourne & district open under Margret Bunce Linda (Newfords Linda Lovelace) won Junior, BOB and WG4. 

What a round up!

20th September 2015

New DUTCH JR. CHAMPION! Juno - Newfords Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  
Super congrats to Laura. 

Maastricht Day 1 Exc1 Junior - JCAC, Best Junior and Reserve
Best female,CAC

Masstricht  Day 2 Exc1 Junior - JCAC, CAC, Best Junior,
Best Female  under Frank Wildman


11th September 2015


Fantastic day at Plymouth & District open show. 

Newfords Linda Lovelace takes best of breed & group 1
Sofia del Nasi Reserve best of breed. 

Many thanks to breed judge Sam Jones and group judge Sue Ergis - (pictured left)


Up to Scotland for the weekend and results: 

Scottish Kennel Club under Sue James (Jagerson)
Linda 2nd JB. 
Cruz 4th LD 
Sasha (N. Norma Jean ) at her first show while on holiday with me 2nd mpb qualifying for Crufts. 


Scottish Dobermann Club under Rade (Masterhoff)
Linda again taking 2nd JB 
Sasha 3rd mpb 

22nd August 2015
Long day at WKC. 

Linda 3rd in JB. 
Macsen (n. Moves like jagger) 3rd PD. 

However.. ICING ON THE CAKE was to see Morgan & Jenny (Martifers Pot Noodle) win limit dog and then on to the RDCC! 
Daddy noods had been informed, he raised an eyebrow in delight and continued about his day!

Many thanks to judge Carol Smith for the placings.


10th August 2015

Quick 40 min jaunt home from Bournemouth but still rather damp! 

Macen - Newfords Moves Like Jagger 1st puppy Dog, best puppy dog. Handled by Griff Morgan.
Loki - Newfords Fahrenheit 2nd Post grad dog 
Linda - Newfords Linda Lovelace 2nd Junior Bitch 
Riot - Newfords I Predict a Riot 2nd post grad bitch. 

Also handled Sue's lovely Riggs (Jasdekoma causin chaos) who is sired by Newfords Freak Like Me to a 2nd in puppy dog!


3rd August 2015

Paignton CH Show, one of my more Locals!

Linda - 3rd Junior Bitch 
Sofie - 5th Limit Bitch.

Thanks to Shaun Watson for the placings. 


2nd August 2015

Vilje (Newfords Keep Talking) at Nesbyen NAT. Show in Norway. Was awarded EX1 juniorr, CQ 1best female, CAC & Best Of Breed! Fantastic results!! 


29th July 2015

Our P Litter have now flown the nest and settling in to their homes (and by settling I mean destorying all they get their paws on!!)


Macen - Newfords Moves Like Jagger is on a roll at the moment!

Chepstow and District Canine Society Open Show Gruff showed Macsen, 2nd Graduate Dobe,  Best puppy in breed,  Best AV puppy and on to an AMAZING BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!

Then at Carmarthen and district open show Won his class (open) so best puppy Best AV puppy Sadly after waiting all day Bpis nothing further but holding his own! 


We did a quick jaunt over to Luxembourg for the Dobermann club Trophy show. 

Sofie pulled a respectable EXC3 in her Open brown bitch class, Linda Graded Exc, Riot graded Exc, Juno (Newfords Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) placing EXC4 in her int. Black female class. Jenna graded VP but unplaced on this occasion. 


Newfords Keep Talking graded EX 2 best jr female in Norway. 


Windsor CH show round up..  

Macen (N. Moves Likr Jagger) 1st Puppy dog

Kazo (N. Imagine the Chaos) 2nd in PGD.

Figment (N. Music Of The Night) 3rd MPB

Linda (N. Linda Lovelace) 3rd JB


Southampton & District Open Show Linda won her first BOB & then on to WG4.

Sofia won her open class (of one!) and very grateful to the judge who didnt mind me having Zoe Strapped to me in the challenge as according to her the world was ending and the horsemen of the apocalypse were circling!


Ruby has come home, Its been weeks since she left my side now and not a day goes by where I dont notice her not there. I miss that girl so much.  :(



20th May 2015
Buka graced us with her litter on thursday welcomeing 4
bitches & 3 dogs in to the world. >>P Litter<<


Show results: 


Southen Counties CH show

Sofia Del Nasi, after winning a the biggest class of the day, Limit bitch she was then
awarded the Reserve Bitch CC. I was lost for words. Thank you to 
Kari Jarvinen for thinking so highly of the brown child. 


Three Counties today!

Handled Macen (N. Moves like Jagger) 2nd Puppy dog 
Otto (N. Jammy Dodger) was 2nd in Yearling & Graduate which was interesting to
say the least, certainly loves his mum! (who did a much better job than me!) 
Linda (N. Linda Lovelace) placed a respectable 2nd in Junior bitch with Lynne.
Brown child (Sofia del nasi) was unplaced on this occasion in Limit Bitch.


Dobe Club Ch show 

Newfords Jabbawocky came for an airing at Dobe Club CH show (been at home
playing with his train set for a few months) placed 2nd in Yearling Dog and
Qualifying for crufts.

Newfords Fahrenheit in PG dog unplaced on this occasion. 

Newfords We Will Rock You (Loki) made his debut show in Limit dog 

.. considering he has never been shown before I was very happy with him... I think i need more interesting bait though!

Newfords Moves Like Jagger 2nd Minor Puppy Dog 


Bath Ch Show

Newfords Linda Lovelace placed 4th Junior Bitch 

Newfords Moves Like Jagger 2nds in his Minor puppy 

Sofia Del Nasi came for a play at Bath where in a class of 25 she made the first shortlist but no further!

From Over seas had fantastic news that Veronica's Vilje (Newfords Keep Talking) won her first Adult CAC in Norway!


15th June  2015

On 10th June 2015 my world left.

They say you only ever really get one true Heart Dog, she was that. Ruby has been with me though some of my darkest hours and been that light that got me though. Everyone who met her fell in love with her, wanted to take her home. Anyone who had reservations on the breed met her and she shattered any doubt they had. Children climbed on her, parents doted on her, I could take her anywhere and know everything would be ok. 
Its not real that shes left my side, I keep expecting her to show up wagging her tail in an Low'n'slow way. I keep expecting to feel her creeping up on the bed in the night.  I cant believe Carl had to make that call to tell me. I'm not ready to not have her in my life. I just cant believe shes gone. 

27th April 2015


Super results again!

Linda - 1st Puppy bitch

Loki (Newfords Fahrenheit) Owned by Claire Riches and on this occasion handled by my self taking a super 3rd in a very strong Post Grad Dog class, this placing qualifies him for Crufts 2016!


Due to a change in situation we have a Black & Tan female available from our O litter.  We do not know which puppy is available until we have done our conformational and character assessments. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please get in touch. 


10th March 2015
Crufts is fundementally "just another Champ show" however there is something special about the green carpet, the atmostphere is different and a win there is sweeter than any other. As a kennel I have been lucky enough to attend Crufts for the last 5 years with now an ever increasing brood with the most fantastic group of dedicated owners who without them them this would ont be possible, 
A summary of results: 

The boys.. 
Newfords Kid Rock 2nd Puppy Dog (only his 4th ever show!)
Newfords Jabbawocky Unplaced in Junior dog
Newfords Just William Unplaced in Junior Dog but a super effort at his owners 1st Crufts. 
Newfords Imagine The Chaos Unplaced in Junior Dog
Newfords Fahrenheit 5th Post Grad Dog
Newfords Freak Like Me Unplaced in Post Grad dog
Newfords Eleventh Hour short listed in a fantastic Limit class but no further. 
Newfords Fame Monster JW placed 3rd in Open dog, been too long Darren! Love this boy! 
Multi Int Ch Newford Cranberry Fizz showed a treat in Open dog but no place this year.


The girls.. 
Newfords One Vision Short listed in a super Post Grad class but no further. 
Sofia Del Nasi (Imp) placed 4th in a fab Limit class, browning about the ring like she owned it!

Many congratulations to Jenny Sharp with Morgan (Martifers Pot Noodle JW), daddy Noodles is very proud of his boys 1st place in Junior.


Without a doubt the highlight was once again Miss Linda. 

Newfords Linda Lovelace won a strong  puppy class, then best puppy bitch  and on to Best puppy. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, handled to perfection by Lynne Jones.  This is now 3 CH shows this year and 3 BPIB's from her .. Pleased as punch!! 


22nd March 2015

Some international show news for us!


Luxembourg Int Show 

Sofia Del Nasi EXC2 RCACL - Open

Newfords Kid Rock VG - Junior

Newfords Linda Lovelace - being the youngest in the class making it down to the final 6 in a superbly strong class - Junior

Explicit Del Nasi  VP3  - Baby


Goes - Netherlands

Newfords Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Owned by Laura Nicolols placed EXC1 Junior Female


Litter news:
Izzy graced us with her litter earlier than expected, welcoming 5 black females and 1 black male in to the world. details on litters page. 



20th April 2015
Another weekend with super results!

Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales -

Linda Best Puppy & Puppy Group 4 (Pictured right)

Newbie Macen - Newfords Moves Like Jagger 1st MPD


Camberley & District Canine Assisocation. 

Linda - BPIB & Puppy Group 1. 


Welsh Dobermann Club Open

Linda Best Puppy Bitch

Macen 1st Minor Puppy Dog. 



22nd Febuary 2015

Lovely (albeit bloody cold!!) day at Maidenhead & district open show.

Linda - N. Linda Lovelace places 3rd in a big junior class and then Best puppy in breed, later in the group she was awarded WPG4.

Luca - N. Jabbawocky was 1st Post grad 
Cruz - N. Eleventh Hour 4th open.

Lovely to see Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) who won open, BOB & WG3. Well done Darren & Sam!

Rich's boy Cooper N. Kid Rock came out to play with Amy and had a fun time!

Well done to Riggs ( N. freak Like me son) Jasdekoma causin chaos on your very respectable first outing!

Thanks to judge Tracy Tousent & Group judge Bill Crawley.

14th Febuary 2015
Ruby delivered a non standard Valentines present in the form of 6 lovely puppies. 2 girls 4 boys, all puppies are reserved at this point in time. 


22nd January 2015 

We are happy to annouce that Ruby has been confirmed in whelp to the dashing Noodles and puppies are due around Valentines day. We have a waiting list for this litter and no longer taking male reservations however if you are looking for a female black & tan puppy please contact us. For more details please see our  "N Litter" page. 


More happy baby news (by baby on this occasion I do mean puppy!) Newfords Eleventh Hour AKA Cruz has become a daddy again to a super litter of mini woozles! Congratulatons to Sue James (Jaegerson) on the birth of your lovely litter. If you are looking for a puppy from this conbination please see our "litters sired by males" page for further contact details. 



20th January 2015 

Manchester CH show

Newfords Eleventh Hour - 5th in a very strong Limit class. 
Newfords Jabbawocky - 5th In Junior dog
Newfords Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Unplaced on this occasion
Newfords Fahrenheit - 5th Post Grad Dog 
Newfords I Predict A Riot - 5th Yearling Bitch (not bad since it was a year since she was last shown!)


To top it off though was once again little Linda!


Newfords Linda Lovelace placed 1st MPB, BPB and on to BPIB! 

Handled beautifully by Lynne it gives me goose bumps to watch and she sure does love it when its time to play with her!

Many thanks to Judge Tracie Mason for thinking so highly of our mutts!


9th January 2015 



What a start to 2015!

The lovely Linda, Newfords Linda Lovelace (really.. who calls a bloody dog linda!!) attended Boston & District Canine Assocation Championship show where she placed 1st in Puppy bitch and on to Best puppy in breed under judge Helen Townsend. Handled as per ususal by Lynne Jones Linda went on to take PUPPY GROUP 2 under Judge Mark James!! 

Although Dobermanns dont have CC's at Boston its still a normal CH show an group. This was my first BPIB so to  top it off wih a group placing out of 12 other top quality puppies was awesome! 


Not forgetting Luca (N. Jabbawocky) who also won his class & Juno (N. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) who was 3rd in Puppy bitch, short listed in the stakes class and helped her mum place 3rd in adult hangling. Good kids!


1st January 2015 

Another year.. another show! The perks to having Zoe who doesnt really sleep much is Alarm clocks are now redundant because we are up all hours anyway! 
NYD we headed up to Coventry Ladies Association Show with Luca & Linda. 

Linda placed 2nd in a very strong puppy class while Luca placed 3rd in Junior and 4th in Grad. 



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