Emrichme Bermuda At Newford

17/09/2007 - 3/11/2014

The cornerstone of everything I love in this world was peacefully put to sleep on monday to end her suffering. She had mammary cancer which had spread to her lymph nodes in her arm pits, she had given up and the decision was made to let her sleep.


Bramble gave me the most precious gifts I could ever wish for, she raised her own puppies and then a whole heap more even when she didnt have a litter of her own. 
Hated showing but gave me the most amazing record any one bitch could give me. 
Her children have gained 70+ CAC, 7 CACIB, 5 RCC, 2 Multi CH, 1 Int CH, 2 BH, 2 AD and the most important thing of all countless family members, confidants, pillows, bed warmers and best friends.

Untill we meet again Bramble-dog. 

Health Results








 Normal 2011


COAT COLOUR                           



Low- Medically maintained

Dilute Free


Bramble has never been a show dog, it was just never her bag! Where she has excelled her self is as a brood bitch. 
A superb mother and family member. She has outproduced her self on every occasion prodicing happy healthy puppies.

To date she has produced the UK's first Multi/INT CH male, first UK bitch Multi CH, her progeny have won 4 RCC's, 56 CAC's, 7 CACIBS, 4 RCACIBS, 2 BH exam passes, 3 UK Studbook number holders in 3 differnet litters & countless wonderful family members. 

To top this not only has she raised her own puppies but a litter of 12 GSDs with no  litter of her own and 6 Bullmastiffs in with her own puppies. A truly wonderful dog.  

Notable Wins

Not shown due to intense dislike of showing!

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A Litter -
Sire: Champagne King

C Litter - 
Sire: CH Keyalas Dream Machine At Nytbonn IPO1
E Litter-
Sire: Mckennah Alson At Newford
G Litter -
Sire: Wenags Dream Taker


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