Explicit Del Nasi (Imp SVN)



VWD                                      Carrier (DNA)

PHPV                                     CLEAR 

HIPS                                       5:3

TROPONIN                            0.01 NORMAL (1/17)

PRO BNP                                <250 NORMAL (1/17)

THYROID                              NORMAL (1/17)

LIVER                                    NORMAL (1/17)

COLOUR                                TBA

Health Results

Jenna aka Busty-Puppy who is suprisingly robust!


Her half sister Sofie set the bar and Jenna has followed suit with her fantastic nature. Everyone is a friend to Jenna and upon meeting her there is a more than likely chance she will dock her nose in to your crotch and demand snuggles. 


Jenna will be shown abroad due to her cropped ears. 

Notable Wins

Gibratar International Dog show 2016 - Int Female - EXC1, GCC


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Pride Of Russia Taymir

Eureka Del Nasi


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