We are looking for someone to come join our home for a minimum of 3 months in January 2015. 


We are having a litter of puppies along with a newborn baby and even I know my limits as to what i can handle so looking for an extra set of hands for this period. 


You MUST be a driver due to our location, there are no bus routes and its a 10mile walk in to the nearest town! 


We need someone with iniciative, its not a overly complicated job but it is repeative, what gets done one day will need doing the next, often a few times! 


We feed raw meat to our dogs so handling this should not be a problem. 


We are able to provide accomadation (single room in our house)we will feed you, promise to leave you alone and not talk through the door when you are in the bathroom ;)

This is going to be a little different than we have had before as we will have a human baby in the house too, while I will do as much as I can I will need a break and a few hours sleep. The hours will be random and while puppies are small there is much sitting about just watching over pups.
While i dont like to take the piss when it comes to hours I still expect people in the house to pick up after them selves. We dont expect any childcare to be part of the role (unless you are strange and insist!)

General common sense is required, and while there are no formal cleaning duties picking up the hoover from time to time to help out wont be objected to. 


There might be a weekend or 2 where we are going to a dog show and on those days you would be responsible for the other dogs in the house too, they are thankfully pretty well behaved! These would be notified in advance. 


We are 10m from Salisbury where there is a Collage so if someone wanted to stay here and study this would very much be a possiblity.  We have no problem with a friend coming to the house to visit however all we ask is they are respectful of our own privacy and infection risks for puppies.  While this is a minimum 3 month position the option to stay longer is there if studying. 


Pay depending on  experience,  please email to discuss. 

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