Newfords Kaiser Chief

Kaiser has been returned to us following a change in his owners circumstances, this was through no fault of his own but simply his owners putting the needs of their dog first as they were no longer able to care for him. 

Please see below for a full description of him and the home he is looking for. 

Newfords Kaiser Chief NDKV Puppy '14

Int/Den/Nor Ch Tamlands Valentino Garavani BH AD IPO-V x Multi Ch Newfords Just Dance BH AD

Kaiser has just turned 4 years old and returned to us due to a change in his families personal circumstances and thinking in the best interest of the dog it was decided he come back to me for rehoming. 

He has been living in Norway since 15 weeks old and arrangements were made to bring him home last week and he is now back in the UK. 

He is a well behaved family dog, he is very affectionate to people and is fine with children. He will sometimes jump up out excitement and he likes to jump up at doors and open them if he wants to be on the other side of them! He has had issues with lead walking and pulling but I have not had this issue beyond the first few times trying it and him realising that i really dont accept this. 

He has lived as a "farm dog" where he has had orchards to run free in and lakes to swim in, He likes to catch mice and currently he will chase other animals (like deer!) he has lived his whole life with his older sister and has already been introduced and mixing with my other girls well with no issues. He, like most dobermann males is male reactive on initial meeting but then backs down. For this reason we will not be placing him in a home where there is an existing male.


Kaiser is NOT "livestock safe" and he will hunt, he has a love of chickens al fresco so homes where there are these animals are not advised unless you want to thin your numbers! 

He was shown as a puppy and won BIS Puppy at the Norwegian Dobermann Club Show earning the title NDKV Puppy '14. He has not been shown since due to owners commitments. 

He is a standard sized male with good bone but currently in need of weight back on him, he didnt travel particular well over the 5 days on the road and lost some weigh. He has a sister who is a Norwegian CH and another who is a Netherlands CH. 


His KC papers have been exported out of the UK and he is registered in Norway, if you wanted to re-register him in the UK you would need to re-import him on paper. 

He is not neutered and I have no intention of doing this as he is not a dog who would benefit from this mentally, I am also not apposed to him being used for breeding providing full health testing is done first - Vwd, Hips, Eyes, Thyroid, Echo & Holter and the results being fine. If this is something you wanted to do then please discuss with me first, surprising me with this intention after doesnt go down well. He has not been used for breeding before. 

He is up to date on vaccinations and has a EU passport. 

He knows lots of little tricks, he sits when you stop walking, he downs, gives paw and also "sit pretty" on his back legs for food! 

The sort of home which would be ideal for him is one with another dog for him to play with, he has always known canine company. Older children are fine but I would not recommend younger (-8) due to his clumsiness and general lack of awareness of his size! He plays fine with zoe but she is very dog savvy! He needs a owner who demonstrates leadership with him as if he thinks he can get one over on you he will (normal dobe trait!) but once its established that these are the rules then hes fine.

He is fed on Raw and has been his whole life. 

His mother (Zara) is alive and well at nearly 8 years old with a echo/holter done in March with perfect results, his father Diesel passed away at 9 years old following an infection from a Tick, his heart was checked before he was let sleep and there were no signs of DCM at that point. 

If you think you or anyone you know would be interested in offering Kaiser a home please get in contact with me. He will be placed subject to home check and small rehoming fee. 

Georgie - 07921 918668 -

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