Newfords Jabbawocky

Health Results


VWD                                                 Clear By Parentage

PHPV                                               Clear - 4 months

HIPS                                                 5:4

CARDIAC TROPONIN                Normal Nov'15

                                                          Normal Oct '16

                                                          Normal Oct '17

CARDIAC PRO-BNP                    Normal Nov'15

                                                          Normal Oct '16

                                                          Normal Oct '17

COAT COLOUR                           BbDD

                                                        (Dilute Free, produces brown)

ECHO                                             Normal 5/17

HOLTER                                        Normal 5/17



Luca was a bit of an unexpected appearance, we hadn't planned on taking on another male however when we viewed the litter bred by Kit at 4 weeks my eye had already been caught. I seem to recall it being briefly discussed about having another male by which point he was already in the van with us on the way home at 9 weeks! 

Luca has been the easiest puppy to live with, worryingly well behaved and he never changed! 

Luca has grown in to the most loving gentle boy who is a pleasure to live with. Friend to man & beast. 

Notable Wins

Best Baby In Show -3rd place - Oss Netherlands. 

Crufts Qualified

Best Puppy Dog - Bournemouth CH show 2014. 

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Some of Luca's puppies

Dobermann Stud Dog

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