This is Max. 

He is 19 months old and has come back to us due to a marriage break up and with just one person about his dad was finding it hard to give him the time he needed and felt it was best to come back to us in search of a new gaff. 


Max is 19 months old  & from our "M" Litter. His KC name is Newfords Meadows
His dad is Vinnie - Tevro D'vines Last Heir to Wintablizard (Imp USA)
His Mum is Bracken - Emrichme Belgium At Newford 


He is cat safe, fine with Zoe and all her going-ons. 
Fine with my dogs and reported fine with other dogs on walks. 
He hasn't displayed any male nastiness yet but he's also not been given the opportunity to be a knob. 

He has been very destructive previously with separation anxiety but this seems to be getting better now and he is getting used to his own company. We have been crating him here with no fuss or any eaten walls or furniture. 


He walks on a harness fine, he does currently pull on his collar. 

He has his basics, sit, down etc however recall is questionable at times especially when there is something far more exciting to go play with. He is clean in the house & in his crate. 


He is currently entire, I would like him to remain so for a little while longer to give him time to fully mature as he isn't quiet done growing "out" yet. 

He is up to date on his vaccinations & is microchipped. 


If you think you or anyone you know would like to offer him a home then please get in touch. He would suit a home where there is someone about to keep him company or not left for more than 5 hours a day. 


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