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28th December 2013
A few minutes of time set aside to get on here and do a little update!
Storm ( N. Cranberry Fizz) did a little jaunt off to Amsterdam recently, 2 shows back to back. Day one took EXC2 Champion male class and at Amsterdam Winners show he placed EXC1 Champions Class, RCAC and RCACIB. A really lovely day with fantastic company. 


7th November 2013

This time of year is always a little more quiet as the show season is beginning to wind down and the weather keeps most people at bay!

Results from shows recently:

Newfords Hellraiser has made his debut, his first show Wellington & District Open show he placed 2nd in Junior and Best puppy in breed, Nothing further in the BPIS line up (no group system) then went on to win the AV Puppy stakes! Way to go Mr Cash! 

Cash qualified for CRUFTS at Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland with a 3rd place in Minor Puppy! The Newford bundle at Crufts is ever increasing! 

Newfords Imagine The Chaos has also Qualified for Crufts at Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales CH show with a 3rd in Puppy Dog. Really proud of them as this is his owners  (Sians) first show dog and she is putting so much time and effort in to it.. especially when Kazo is rather like his mother and keeping 4 feet on the ground is always a challenge!


I am in the process of re-doing the ENTIRE website which is being build side by side with this one and when its completed i'll swap over however until then the news and updates on here are going to be a little less as well.. its just more to copy over!


Super news for our J litter.

All have now found their new homes and we have a few more to come out and play in the show ring! Breeding for both body and mind we also have some really keen agility stars in the making so really look forward to watching them progress.

Showing we have Newfords Jabbawocky, Newfords Just William, Newfords Just In Time and last and by no means least Newfords Jezzabelle Gem! Some of these puppies are with new handlers others with experienced ones, this has to have been my toughest litter ever when picking them apart and deciding who went where but over al thrilled with the litter! I can't thank Kit (Ranis owner) enough for the hard work and dedication he put in to this litter, it really shows. You are a star! 


7th October 2013

Spamming results and news again!

Yesterday we were posivrly local in our travels and only went to Wales! Welsh Dobermann CH show with Storm, Cruz, Sofie and Izzy. 
Sofia del Nasi places 3rd in minor puppy and finally is able to inflict her self on Crufts  2014!
Issabella Du wot a thriller wins Puppy Bitch, best puppy bitch and reserve best puppy in show! We will have a page for her at some point.. Promise!

Newfords Fahrenheit placed 5th in a lovely Junior class. 
Newfords Caught in the Act at Martifers had a SUPER day and placed 4th in Junior, 1st in Novice and 2nd in Undergraduate bitch! Well done Jenny!

Newfords Eleventh Hour takes 3rd in a very strong limit class. 
Multi/Int CH Newford Cranberry Fizz takes 2nd in CH stakes class but on this occasion unplaced in open dog.

Newfords Imagine the Chaos had his puppy debeut in the puppy walk and got a very respectable 5th! Well done to Sian for her first time handling in the big ring! 
All in all a super day!! 


Last weekend Sofie and Storm nipped over to Maastricht, Netherlands for a weekend of showing. 

Day 1 results. 
Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) Exc1 Open Male, RCAC, CACIB.

Sofie (Sofia Del Nasi) VP1 Puppy, Puppy BOB. 
Day 2 Results
Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) Exc2 Open Male, RCACIB

Sofie (Sofia Del Nasi) VP1 Puppy, Puppy BOB.  


 We have one brown & Tan male remaining from our "J" litter, please see litter page for more details.  


9th September 2013
Results from all over today! 
Sofie ( sofia Del Nasi) and Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) took the road trip to IDC in Romania this year. Sofia in a massive class of 14 made it to the 5th only just missing out on the final. Storm received the grading of VG which for us was a shame as its his first time ever being graded VG but its was bound to happen eventually! 

Back in england Jenny Sharp with Katie (Newfords Caught In The Act At Martifers) got Reserve Best Puppy In Show at The Dobermann Club Open Show under judge Mike Vines. 

Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster JW) placed 4th in Limit. 


Rani has also graced us with her puppies presence!  11 in total which shocked her dad a little as they just kept coming! 1 Black girl, 3 Brown girls, 4 Black boys and 3 Brown boys arrived safely. We currently have 1 black and 1 brown boy available. Please see our J litter page for more details. 


31st August 2013
It would seem the current trend with the boys at the moment is going back to back with class wins!! Cruz (N. Eleventh Hour) has only just moved up in to Limit class and out of 5 classes he has won 3 of them and placed in one other! Way to go Cruz!


17th August 2013

Back to back wins for Enzo this week!  Bournemouth CH show under Jane Brock awarded Enzo 1st in Limit Dog and the DRCC (indecently behind the working group winner!)  and again today at The Welsh Kennel Club CH show another Limit class win! Well done boys, couldn't be prouder! 

Sofie placed 3rd in Novice bitch at Bournemouth also. Weekend at home resting for us! 


9th August 2013

This years Newford Dobie Gathering has been arranged for September 1st in Andover! Please email us if you would like to attend so we can have an idea for numbers for the BBQ. This is an open invite to anyone who has one of our puppies or a dog sired by any of our males. We love to see our extended family! Normal rules apply, 1 dog per handler, no in season bitches and all intact males to be kept on leads. Children may attend but will be sold on if they are naughty!  ;)

FB Event here - 


8th August 2013

Super news from Paignton Ch show!

Cruz (N. Eleventh Hour) was placed 1st in Limit dog! Only his 3rd Limit class in a handful of shows this year with very strong competition!  Winning Limit gives him his UK KC Studbook Number and a lifetime qualification to Crufts! Way to go Cruz! 
Storm, Sofie & Zara on this occasion were unplaced but Cruz's win made up for it!

Storm (Multi/Int CH N. Cranberry Fizz) was handled to perfection in JHA handling and placed 1st in her class, and took 2nd in YKC class. Way to go Chloe! 


Another happy announcement to be had! Rani - (N. Made In Heaven) has been confirmed in whelp to the wonderful Cidney. Her owners are over the moon even though i do keep trying to tell them about the poo they will be dealing with! We have a number of wonderful reservations for this litter so if you are interested in a puppy please get in contact.


30th July 2013

If anyone has a magical device which allows more hours in the day i would happily borrow it off them for a while. 

We have had what can only be described as a whirlwind few weeks and the update is going so please make your self comfortable, fetch a glass of wine and a few crackers. 


On June 18th I left home with Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) Zara (N. Just Dance) and Sofie (Sofia Del Nasi) and headed back over to France for what can only be considered a Journey of epic proportions! We were heading to the Black Sea Winners show in Bulgaria via Montenegro! Black Sea Winners show is an amazing show, 10 countries are invited to hold shows at this event giving you the possibility of making your dog to a champion in these countries. You have 2-3 shows held a day starting at 6pm due to the immense heat. After our first 2 days driving, having been though France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina,  we found our self in Montenegro at their 2 CACIB international shows, Highlights from this show is Zara becoming a Champion of Montenegro and Sofie Winning 3rd best baby in show! Girl power! Setting off once finishing up on the Sunday we set off for a 18 hour solid drive through Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia aiming to end up in Bulgaria. Once we had settled in our villa and dogs had all been for a swim we ventured down to the show ground and signed in. If anyone ever complains about the price of showing in England again i will be forced to insert my receipt for my show fees in them in a place of their choice! Several thousand Euros later all entered and ready for our first batch of shows. The next 12 days were very much a blur but the net results were Zara becoming a Multi Champion in 7 different countries, Storm gaining his last CACIB for his International Champion title and picking up 9 country titles. Sofie who is too young to gain any titles picked up 1 best baby in show and several group placings 2'nd and 3rd baby in show.

Storm is now Multi/Int Ch Newford Cranberry Fizz, to say i am elated doesnt even come close, he is the first UK bred Dobermann to ahieve these titles. Others have obtained Int and others Multi but not the 2 together, with all his titles together he has become the most titles UK bred Dobermann! There are other people in the UK who claim their dogs have these titles but they are sadly lying and its just said by them to make people think their dog is better than it is but still dont have the certificates to back up their claims.  To be able to call your dog a Multi Ch it must have 3 or more country titles and International Championship of Beauty is gained by winning 5 CACIBs in 3 different countries, this is no mean feat and the time and costs involved with doing this isnt something i wish to tot up for fear of being committed!!! 

Zara returned home Multi Ch Newfords Just Dance BH.. also becomes the first Uk Bred female to obtain this (or at least when i have asked about no one seems to know of another!)  and sofie... well shes still my brown bastard love child!!

 An Adventure doesnt even come close to what this was, very memorable and now seems a blur but at the time was exhausting.. would i do it again? Damn right i would!!


UK news this time. 

BLACKPOOL  CH show Enzo (N. Fame Monstr JW) Flying the Newford flag solo this time placed 2nd in a very nice limit class. Well done boys! 


Leeds CH show -

Enzo (N. Fame Monster JW) 3rd Limit dog

Katie  ( N. Caught in the Act at Martifers) 1st Puppy bitch and BEST PUPPY FEMALE,  only beaten by the dog puppy who had already taken the DCC. Fabulous stuff Jenny!

Storm (Multi/Int Ch N. Cranberry Fizz) was borrowed by Chloe for JHA and YKC placing 3rd in a strong class. 


North East Counties Dobermann Club CH show

Loooong way up north again with the normal woofs!

N. Eleventh Hour - 5th Limit dog. 

Sofia Del Nasi - 4th Minor Puppy Bitch

Storm & Zara unplaced on this occasion. 


in a fantastic initiative  this show society held their open show on the same day which made it possible for us to attend their open show too!

Sofia Del Nasi - 1st MPB and Best puppy female

Multi CH N. Just Dance - 4th Open Bitch

Int/Multi CH N. Cranberry Fizz - 2nd Open dog

N. Eleventh Hour - 2nd Limit Dog

Many thanks to Martin Horgan (Aritaur) for thinking so highly of our beasties. 



17th June 2013

We are really happy to say that all our wonderful puppies have now found lovely homes and we cant wait to see them grown and bring their families joy and happiness (and the occasional bit of furniture destruction!)


Show results from recent shows:


Oss International show, Holland. 

Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) Took Exc1 Open Male, Best Male and then Best of breed. 

Sofia made her showing debut and took Best baby in breed then in the ring of honour placed 3rd best baby in show on day 3. What a star!!


Southampton & District under Marina Scott, Loki (N. Fahrenheit) 1st Junior, Best puppy in breed and then Working Puppy Group 3! Well done guys!

Katie (N. Caught in the Act At Martifers) 2nd in Junior, 1st AV Working puppy and 4th in Puppy stakes!  


We have celebrated a very happy 3rd birthday to our "c" litter on 11th June, it only seems like yesterday they were chewing bits around my house.. and now they are in the big wide world chewing other peoples houses!  


31st May 2013

Busy times here! Zara and Brackens litters have been growing well, All doing wonderful and a total joy to have about (well.. maybe if there was less poop it would be better!)
Due to a change in circumstances we have 2 black females available, one from each litter. Both are very nice females with potential for show or working. Pleae contact us for more information. 


AMAZING results from the Dobermann Club Ch Show!

Newfords Fahrenheit placed 3rd Puppy Dog

Newfords Fait Accompli placed 3rd Puppy Bitch, her first show and qualifying for Crufts!

Newfords Eleventh Hour placed 3rd Yearling Dog also Qualifying for Crufts 2014

While Enzo, Newfords Fame Monster JW decided to do one better and win 1st Limit dog and go on to take the Reserve Dog CC!! Way to go Darren!!!

Thanks to Josh Henderson for this lovely picture! 



Bath Champ Show saw Cruz, Newfords Eleventh hour winning Yearling dog and placing 2nd in JHA Handling with Chloe Roberts.


Our current litter of Foster puppies are doing really well, 3 weeks old already! 12 very cute GSD puppies are being cared for by Bramble who is without a doubt the best mother ever!  They will soon be heading back to their breeder but loving having the very cute bundles of fluff here!


Sofia is finally home, settling in very well and very much part of the familiy! Off on adventures abroad for her first show this weekend.  :) 


18th May 2013

Basildon District Canine Society.  Enzo 'Newfords Fame Monster' placed 1st in Open, BOB & WG4.  


9th May 2013 
Puppies mean really slow on updates, they are such fantastic time wasters! nothing is better than puppy snuggles.  
SO! massive update time!


20th April we trip to the Isle Of White Open show with Storm and Loki, Storm (n. cranberry fizz) won open NVNSC, BOB and WG1. Loki (n. Fahrenheit) won AVNSC puppy, BP, RBOB and WPG1! What a fantastic day!  Very happy owners here. 

28th April we invaded The Dobermann Trust Spring Fling en masse! This was an event I had helped organise and raise as much money as possible for rescue to help Dobermanns who arnt lucky enough to have a forever home just yet. The even has a mind blowing level of support with over 150 dobermanns entered! Newford Dobies were there en masse and  placed very well! 
Sol - Newfords Fait Acompli was shown for the very first time and placed 2nd in Puppy bitch, this was fantastic and has given her human parents a taste for showing and will be giving it a go in the near future! 
Loki (N. Fahrenheit)  and Dexter (N. Freak Like Me) placed 2nd and 5th retrospectively in Puppy dog.  
Rani (N. Made In Heaven) pulled a 4th Place in Yearling bitch while Ruby (N. Valencia BH) placed 3rd in Open bitch. All these classes were HUGE! So happy that the judges thought so highly of our assortment of beasties!


Storm has the Cigar out again! I just hope his girlfriends never find out about each other! 
To the Beautiful Gina we have 2 puppies, 1 male 1 female and to the lovely Gina 6 black males, 1 brown male, 4 black females and 2 brown females.  Please see our "puppies sired by our males" page for more details on these litters. 



17th April 2013
A very busy few days welcoming our latest editions to the world! 
On 11th April Zara decided to grace us with the presence of her litter 6 days earlier than expected, that dog just loves to keep me on my toes! 
We have 1 Black males, 2 Brown males and 3 Black females - From this litter we have pick of litter female potentially available to a show home. We are happy to place picks of litter with novice homes and will help all the way.  "I Litter" 
With hardly any rest at all Brackens litter joined us the following day on the 12th so not to feel left out! 
We have 1 Black male,1 Brown male and 3 Black females from this litter. All puppies from this litter are reserved subject to deposits being received. " H Litter" Puppies are home, safe and growing well and very much depriving me of sleep! House work has now ground to a halt and all day is spent with these fantastic little time wasters! 


9th April 2013

We are currently enjoying the calm before the babies arrive and I am finally catching up on some much needed maintenance on the website! 
Now seems like a good time to announce our  latest addition to the Newford Clan! Introducing Sofia Del Nasi (To Newford) She has come all the way from Slovenia... Via San Marino (where I collected her at 8 weeks!) and finally stuck in France where she is sitting out waiting for her Passport to be completed and enable her to enter the UK. She has a truly superb pedigree full of legends of the Dobermann breed and I only hope I can do her justice. I feel honored by Simon for letting me have one of Eureka's special puppies. Although she as come from a country where cropping and docking is the norm she has arrived with all appendages attached so we are able to show her freely in the UK and Europe. She is our very first brown and from what i have been told once you have a brown.. well.. nothing is ever the same again!  >>> Sofia<<< 

MASSIVE congratulations to Monarkle Ramzo Bamzo (Duke)  by Newfords Fame Monster JW  and out of Monarkle Rock Chickster, Wins RBPIS at NEDC open show .. Well done owner and handler Richard. Proud that you are doing so well with your Enzo baby!


28th March 2013
Showing in the UK this weekend for a change! SEEDC Ch show under the lovely Tali Creme!

Newfords Fahrenheit - 2nd MPD
Newfords Freak Like Me -2nd PD (yes... Darren will be undergoing masses of training before his next show!!)
Newfords Eleventh Hour 1st UGD
Newfords Fame Monster JW - 2nd LD
Newfords Innuendo - 5th LD
Newford Cranberry Fizz 5th OD 
Newford One Vision - 1st UGB

Nothing like being consistently placed with the assortment of beasts! Really pleased that the 2 babes have qualified for Crufts at their first CH show! 
Congrats to Jenny Hopkinson with her girl Otago Simply Magic getting 2nd MPB and qualifying for Crufts who is sired by Mckennah Alson At Newford. Also to Darren and Jojavik Coco Blush (Jojo) on your 4th in PB who is sired by N. Fame Monster JW. 

All in all a wonderful day with wonderful people!


21st March 2013
Lovely update time!
For those who are regularly stalking the website looking for puppy updates.. well your in luck (unlike my husbands hair line) and we will be expecting puppies around the middle of April. Bracken has been confirmed in whelp to Destiny Phoenix Highway To Hell & Zara in whelp to El Cid Du Wot a Thriller. We have reservations for both litters but obviously untill the squeekers arrive we dont know what we will have available so please contact us if you are interested in a puppy from either of these combinations. These are our only litters for 2013


Globe trotting update!
Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) has another few thousand miles under his paws and has just returned fom San Marino! 5 shows in 2 days, Storm comes back with 1 CAC & 1 RCAC in Georgia and 1 CAC and RCAC in Cypress and 1 RCAC in San Marino. Long drive with some beautiful scenery! 
happy to be on home turf for a while now!


11th March 2013

I have sat here for about 20 minutes trying to think what to put which would truly express what has happened this weekend!!!

Crufts last year was amazing, we took 6 dogs and 5 came back with places including a class win.. I honestly didnt think it would be possible to top it. Turns out I was wrong and I have never been happier to be wrong!

Run down of results in order of appearance!


Cruz - Newords Eleventh Hour  placed 4th in Yearling Dog at his first Crufts, I am eternally grateful to his owners Danii and Scott for keeping him in such fantastic condition!
Merlin - Mckennah Alson At Newford sadly didnt place in his class however having had 6 months out of the ring he showed beautifully. 
Enzo - Newfords Fame Monster JW - Enzo has been knocking around the top of Limit classes for a while, at crufts last year he won his Junior class and this year he had to one up this by taking 2nd in Limit and then on the Dog Reserve CC. Proud doesnt even cover it, Darren and Enzo are a wonderful team to watch and their bond shows when they are in the ring together. 
Storm - Newford Cranberry Fizz - Last year we placed 5th in a very stong Open Dog class, this year there were 17 dogs entered, many champions and several from over seas. This year Storm performed beautifully and placed 4th Open dog and was the highest placing non champion! Over the moon, was a fantastic feeling to once again be pulled for the final 5! 
Buka - Newfords One Vision - the delightful Buka once again strutted her stuff, her first crufts and placed a very respectable 5th in a tough Yearling bitch class. 
Zara - Newfords Just Dance - The ever bouncy Bum dog! zara moved up in to the big girl class this year and sadly was unplaced however entered in toGood Citizens Scheme and placed 4th! Clever bum!


The weekend wasnt over with that, the day before myself, Zara and Storm took a small road trip to South Valley Sport dog Club and attempted our BH exams. 

Storm was a little bit of a fun entry, we had 3 weeks to try to get him ready. He performed his 5 minute down stay under distraction very well but when it came to the off lead heel he decided i was no longer interesting and we ended the test there! We will continue to work with him and his owner to have them ready with alot more training so we can pass it with flying colours next time!

Zara (aka Bum) is now known as Bum BH! Somehow the nutter passed which is wonderful! All round dog, BH and a place at crufts all in the same weekend!  

A Massive thankyou to all my owners for all their hard work, its appreciated! 


Excuse me now while I catch up on sleep!  


7th March 2013
Feet finally on british soil again! Last weekend Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) and I were on another Road trip, this time to The Martini Internaional Dog show in Groningen Netherlands. Once again Storm obtained Ex1 Open Male, and CAC/CACIB under the very well known & respected Dobermann Specialist - Ilona Onstenk-Schenk.  2 down, 2 to go for his Dutch Championship title! Roll on our next adventure!

I am really late doing this one but Ruby (Newford Valencia BH) has become a bit of a diva recently, she starred in the ITV TV series "Great Night Out" playing the role of Napoloen! I am in the process of sorting out a compilation of her scenes and once done will have them up on the site for everyone to see! 


OMG HOW have I missed this!!! 
On 24th Febuary we took a fun treck up to Alferton to attend Midland Dobermann Club Open show. 
Storm placed a very respectable 3rd in Open dog which was one of the biggest classes of the day! Buka 4th in Graduate bitch, Zara 5th in Open bitch while the total star of the day was Loki (Newfords Fahrenheit) who won MPD, Best Puppy Dog and then RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW! What a star as it was only his 2nd ever show! 


New photos for Loki and Storm.  


16th Feb 2012
We have a litter sired by storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) which was born over the weekend, >>litters by males<<  Litter is based outside of Oxford, Another very lovely bitch has been confirmed in whelp and Merlin also has one on the way! Busy time for the boys at the moment!


Cruz & Zara attended Maidenhead District show, Cruz placed 2nd in PG and Zara 4th in Open. 

We have done our matings for this year now and hopefully if all is successful look to have puppies around middle of April. We have a waiting list so if you are interested in please contact us in advance. 


12th February 2013 

Another great weekend! Storm (N. Cranberry Fizz) goes Best of Breed  at Plymouth Canine and district show under breed specialist Nick Salsbury (Monarkle), Thanks to Nick for thinking so highly of our boy! Storm was also borrowed by Chloe Roberts for 11-16 JHA Junior handling and they made a super team and won her class! Well done!!

We have done our matings now and finger and toes crossed we have wonderful puppies on the way! We shall update on conformation of pregnancy. 


20th January 2013
Its been snowing hard here, the best part of it all is no mud! Zara  (Newfords Just Dance) has had an update on her page for pictures and for her updated health test results. She has had a full blood panel and is has come back with a Thyroid that works perfectly! 
I have added a gallery page a collection of our photos!

12th January 2013
It was this 6 month  half birthday for my beautiful F litter on the 9th of Jan and their show debut today, our first show of the year and what a start!

Newfords Freak Like Me (Dexter) owned by Darren Waughman placed 2nd in Junior & 1st in AV Working JR.  Newfords Fahrenheit (Loki) owned by Claire Riches Placed 3rd in Junior, Newfords Femme Fatale (GB) owned by Natalie Langley placed 4th in Junior. 

All handlers are brand new to this and I am so proud of them and how well they have done with limited training. On wards and upwards from here guys!
Newfords Just Dance (Zara) placed 1st Post Grad, Newford One vision (Buka) Placed 3rd post Grad 
and last but not least Newford Cranberry Fizz owned by John & Caroline Goddard won Open, BOB and on to WG2 under Judge Gavin Robertson (Soletrader) - Breed/Group. Might even get his ShCM this year after all! 
We had a visitor by the name of Harvey owned by Julie N family who looked wonderful too! Days like today make it all worth while! ♥

Pictured L- R
Loki & Claire, Dex & Darren, Julie & Harvey, GB & Natalie at 6 months old. 

New pages for: 
Tara (Newfords Witching Hour)
Katie (Newfords Caught in the Act At Martifers)
Dexter (Newfords Freak Like Me)
Loki (Newfords Fahrenheit)
GB (Newfords Femme Fatale) 
Dexter (Newfords Contraband)

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