Multi Ch Funky Noodles Du Wot A Thriller

Vwd                                         CLEAR (By Parentage)

Phpv                                        Unaffected 

Hips                                         4:5

Liver                                        Normal 1/17

Thyroid                                   Normal 1/17

Kidneys                                   Normal 1/17

Troponin                                Normal 2012

                                                 Normal 5/2013

                                                 Normal 12/2014

                                                 Normal 1/2016

                                                 Normal 1/2017

Pro BNP                                  Normal 1/2016

                                                 Normal 1/2017                         

Echo                                        Normal 12/2014   

                                                 Normal 1/2016
                                                 Normal 5/2017


Holter                                      Normal 1/2016

                                                 Normal 5/2017

Dilution                                  Free. Produces black only. 

Health Results

Noodles is owned by Carl Westfield and one of our resident boys and a fantastic match maker! He is the reason Carl and I found ourselves together!!
A lovely dog to live with, he has an intense dislike of woolly mammoths and cats on TV but will become a truer than north compass when it comes to indicating where his first love, a tennis ball is! 
Noodles was imported from France and due to his cropped ears he is unable to be shown in the UK, however this hasn't stopped him from gaining 3 country titles when we have travelled abroad. 

Notable Wins:
Champion of Taiwan
Champion of Bulgaria

Champion of Cyprus

Progeny Wins:
Martifers Pot Noodle gains his Junior Warrent


Noodles Progeny

Click to enlarge pedigree

Martifers French Connexion

Martifers Pot Noodle JW

Dam: Perfect Scoundrel at Martifers

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