Norway or Bust!

I have traveled abroad alot for shows so the distance it self wasnt as daunting as people thought.. but...  when it involves so many modes of transport which are very time dependent it terrified me. Anyone who knows me know how bad my time keeping is!! 

While traveling we took photos to doccument what was 22 hours of stress for me.. but Bum seemed to be non the wiser we woke up the next day in Bergen, Norway! 

The alarm set off at 3am and set off on our journey to Harwich ferry port, 3 and a bit hours (including a MUCH needed coffee stop) we arrive at Harwich ferry port, early for once and board the boat to Hook Of Holland. I have to say I have spent many hours on boats recently and Stenna were brilliant with us. Bum was able to come on board and stayed the 8 hours in on board kennels which I was able to watch from my room on CCTV.



We arrived at Hook of Holland port and I think Zara has never been so pleased to see grass! After a short blast we set off to Schopl Airport where for me it was something rather new, i've never flown with a dog before! Bum however had a few more firsts to deal with first, Bus ride from our parking  spot and trapsing through an airport with everyone wanting to pet her.  30 forms and signatures later and we are all checked and ready to go, Zara very willingly got in to her air crate (much comfier that the airport floor!) and we were off on the final leg of our journey.  We arrived in Bergen and was greeted by Veronica with open arms  at 11pm (strange woman!)  and were off on another set of Busses and Taxis back to her house where a very excited Diezel. 

Bum on the Boat

Off the boat and onward to the airport!

Bum on the bus! 

Loaded in her box ready for departure

Off the plane meeting the" mother in law" to be & showing her how happy she is to meet her!

Diezel was excited about his guest!

This is the view from Veronicas house just as the sun is coming though the clouds, a perfect time to wake us up.. apparently! 

Diezels efforts at Courting were well received.... 

Norway is an incredibly beautiful country, Veronica kindly took me for a walk about Bergen city centre, a major port still and the history was plain to see. Veronica gave a wonderful guided tour, not something i could do of my home town which is somewhat embarrassing, I just about know my way to Tescos!!


Although we had no snow (the horror!) it was rather chilly walking about hence nothing but eyes visible! 


Apparently the picture to the left if of an old Leprosy village, all the lepers were kept in one spot!

It wasn't all "work" & Bum was able to have some lovely walks up in the mountains behind Veronicas house. 

Gina (CH Tamlands Nina Rici) who is Diezels sister acompanied us for squirrel tracking, mud finding, fox poop rolling and other things that they love but we find to be an anoyance.  Diezel had to stay home while we went out .. as.. well.. he had got the idea of what we were there for now and was very keen to prove how good he was at! 

Another 3am start with the Taxi collecting us to the airport, another flight, you can just see Bums crate on the trolley in the second picture being loaded on to the plane. Another bus to the van.. to take another boat.. another set of kennels, however this time I had bought a massive bone for her so she was more focused on that than watching for me to return! 

Then theres that look      --------------------------->

This is the look of are we not done yet?! Front seats of the van and only another 3.5 hours till we were due home... if it wasnt for the hour of delays! 

Another adventure done and dusted!! 

Thankfully we had a sucessful result and scanned on day 30 with 10 good looking babies on board! Half the adventure is over... let the other half begin! 

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