Either dedicated trips for your dog or combined it with one of our show plans, We are able to collect and transport dogs in to the UK. We have contacts who are able to look after your dog in a home enviroment, prepare Passport and ready them for Entry to the UK at 16 weeks. Our transport is customised for the dogs comfort and we are fully insured. Please contact for quotes. 


We are often galavanting at international shows all over europe, while campagaining our own dogs its possible for us to bring your dog, transport, groom and handle in the relevent classes with the hope of gaining european championship titles for owners! Dogs in our care are looked after the same way as any of our own and travel in custom designed vans for their comfort. 


Our specialy designed whelping facalities make whelping and raising puppies a pleasure. We are able to have your bitch with us, safely deliver your precious puppies and raise them for as long as you need our help. 24/7 Web cams are available so you can always watch over your puppies. We are experienced in a wide range of breeds from mini to maxi.  
We also provide an assisted mating service with certain breeds where natural matings are not possible.  Please contact us for more information 

Dog lead in one hand, camera in the other! A passion of mine is to capture dogs doing what they do best, bring their owners joy. Available for informal portraits, official show winners photos & litter photography. 
If not with the camera I am normally working feverishly with my Mac on advert designs. Celebrate your latest win or litter annoucment with a little something extra. Full range of printing  & website design also available.  Please see my photo & design site for more information. 

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