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Deciding to get a puppy is a large commitment. Your gaining a new best friend for their lifetime.  We want to make sure that if you get a puppy from us its the right one for you and that you understand exactly what you are taking on.  We are after forever homes for our pups, we are here to answer questions no matter how silly you think it may be!  We breed with temperament as a first and foremost importance followed by health, Longevity and form.

We are one of a very select few breeders in the UK who fully health test and declare ALL results regardless of them being good or bad, we are not interested in egos or opinions just benifiting the breed we are so pasionate about. To lie about  health testing does no one any favour and only the breed a disservice in the long run. We are all at the whim of the genetic lottery so can only do the best with the infomation we have infront of us, however with testing that is available we hope to produce healthy happy dogs that give their familes years of love. 

A Dobermann is a fantastic family pet, greatly misunderstood due to the medias portrayal of the breed however the truth couldnt be futher from what people instantly think of when you say "Dobermann". Once you have experienced being owned by a Dobe nothing quiet compares and to have any other dog just simply isnt a dog! There is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner and we carefully select the families for our puppies matching them up mentlaly to ensure everyone has the best possible experience. 

We start our puppies off being exposed to as many things as possible making them confident dogs which thrive on human attention.  This starts from the minute they are born and continues long after they leave us. Raised in our home and part of the family ready to join yours with minimal stress when its time to leave for a new adventure. 

I feel the need to stress that we don't our prospective owners pick out their puppy from a litter,  we choose a puppy based on its temperament and what they are looking for.  We use a combination of Vollards Temperament testing & our own experience to match a puppy with a family. We closely observe the way each puppy interacts with their litter mates and humans alike and with this we attempt to place each puppy in a suitable home based on the new owners requirements. If we have "a" puppy available its not because its the last one, chances are its the best one and we are seriously toying with keeping him or her!

All puppies are placed as pets first and foremost and we can give no guarantee as to how a dog will turn out. If you are looking to show or work your dog we will provide you with a dog who we feel has the most potential in the area you wish to go in to and of course support you every step of the way.

All of our puppies have their KC papers endorsed "progeny not eligible for registration" If you are buying your puppy as a pet these restrictions will not be lifted unless previously agreed, if you buy as a show/work prospect providing full health testing has been done endorsements may be lifted.  We work hard to better the breed with our matings and hope that you would support us in this endevor. 


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Our puppies are:

  • Kennel Club registered

  • 5 weeks free insurance from the KC

  • Health tested parents

  • Micro chipped

  • 8 week vaccination (10 week with prior agreement)

  • Wormed

  • handled, socialised and raised in our home.   

  • with life time breeder support.

We feel responsible for our pups though out their life and at any time in their life you feel you are unable to look after them we will  take them back and look for a new home for them. We understand that curcumsances change and life sometimes gets in the way, We dont mind what the reason is as long as they come back to us, this is written in to our contract that goes out with our puppies.   

We also offer the option if you are going away on holiday and would normally put your pup in kennels we are happy to have them back with us for this time, please check with us to make sure we have space! 

We will have 1, maybe 2 litters a year so please contact us if you wish to go on our waiting list. We will sometimes have "co-bred litters"  which means they are not born with us but will be under our name. Anyone breeding under our name will be adhering to the same standards we have

Our puppies are reserved long before they are born so if you are interested in a Newford puppy please get on contact and have a chat with us. If we have a litter and we dont have what your are after we will happily put you in touch with other breeders who we recommend and trust.  


 We are a registered  Kennel name holder and a part of the Assured Breeders Scheme.   All our puppies have the affix "Newford"

We have also been "inspected" by a member of the KC in accordance with the KCABS Scheme.

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