Newford Valencia BH AD

Newford Valencia BH AD
3rd May 2009 - 10th June 2015

Old age, a privilege denied to too many.


Ruby, doobs, doobenschtein, schtien, doobinder, rubinski, ruby dooby doobies.

My heart dog.

I loved you from the moment I met you. You were the first dog of my own. You grew up on the front seat of my car and learned when I was breaking by putting a paw out.  You guided me through my darkest hours, without you I know I wouldn't still be here. You calmed me. You were concieved just after my dad died, I know he sent you here to watch over me, make sure I was ok. A job you did to near perfection. It doesn't seem real, I want to wake up and you have snuck under the covers.

Anyone lucky enough to have one of her beautiful loving special children know how lucky you are. 

She was loved by everyone who met her, she converted so many people to the breed. A true ambassador. 

Zoe was meant to grow up holding on to you, she was meant to learn to walk using you as a prop. You were meant to be clean up crew for the forth coming weaning fun.

I wish I had been with you ruby, I'm sorry I wasn't. I want to say the house is quiet, it's not, but my heart is empty.

I've lost a part of it which was black & tan. Sleep tight my perfect furry child. Mummy loves you so much. Xxx

Health Results








Normal 0.01 2012 
High 0.09 2013
High 0.21 2014


COAT COLOUR                           

Date of Death

Cause of Death          

Equivocal 2013 
Retest April 2014-
Normal - Holter Notmal


Normal 2014
Normal 2014

Black 4 (BbDd)

10th June 2015

Liver Heamorrage 

(Post Mortum verified)



Ruby is one of those once in a life time dogs. She is the other half to my soul, my true heart dog. A true embasador of the breed and gives all those who meet her no choice but to love her. 
She has been my learning curve, showing from a puppy where she started out doing really awesome! There arnt enough words to express how much I love this silly little dog. <3


Ruby has been a star in every respect, she has done a bit of TV work for ITV, Advertising and music videos. Shes a smart kid! 


Notable Wins

Crufts Qualified 2010, 2011


BH - 2012

AD -  27/9/2014

IPO & ZTP - Prep

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Newford "F" Litter 
Ruby x Lux/Ned/Int CH Aritaur Warlord At Tronjheim

Newford "N" Litter

Ruby x Multi CH Funky Noodles Wot A Thriller


Some Stills from Ruby performing in ITV's "Great Night Out"

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