Clear for Storm!

February 28, 2017

Last February Storm “Multi/Int Ch Newford Cranberry Fizz” took part in the UK Biomarker Research Project. The UK Biomarker Research Project aims to confirm whether blood testing (Troponin I and NT-pro BNP) are effective early warning indicators of DCM in comparison to Echo (Ultrasound) and Holter (24hr ECG) testing. 

Storm's results in February 2016 were 
Troponin 0.03 (Normal)
Pro BNP <250 (Normal)
Echo - Normal at the time of testing and all measurements with


in the normal ranges 
Holter- Abnormal - 137 ventricular aberrant complexes 

From the cardiologist: 
I have now received the results of the cardiac troponin I (cTnI), NT-proBNP and of the analysis of 24-hour Holter ECG monitor fitted to Storm as part of the clinical study looking into the value of cardiac biomarkers in the screening of Dobermanns for dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). 

The cTnI and NT-proBNP were both within normal limits. 

On the Holter was no evidence of any sustained ventricular arrhythmia, but an increased number (137) of ventricular aberrant complexes was noted ('normal' dogs have less than 50 and ;equivocal 50...100). Storm was rather stressed at the time of the recording (a female in maximal heat was at home at the same time), which could theoretically have increased the number of aberrant complexes, but unfortunately it is impossible to be certain of this effect and therefore Storm is classified as affected.

Based on this result, we made the decision to suspend any further matings and not to offer Storm at stud until further testing was undertaken. At the recommendation of the Cardiologist we waited and repeated the tests again to confirm whether the results were indicating any potential issue. We felt this was the responsible thing to do. He was 7 years old, not a spring chicken but not old by any means. 

In December 2016 Storm had a repeat 24/h Holter and we are very pleased to say that there were no irregular beats and everything was considered normal. This further ties in with his normal echo and bloods. 

So at the time of testing he is free from any signs of DCM and will continue to be monitored.


I'm looking forward to showing the git in his first Crufts veteran class as just shy of 8 years old, really missed having him by my side.

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