She shall go to the ball..

March 11, 2017

Ruby was my first dog of my own. She was my heart dog. My furry prozac. 

I qualified her just the once for Crufts, she got 2nd from 17 bitches. I was so happy. 
I never qualified her again, to me ruby was perfect in every way (apart from all her faults) but I always figured I'd qualify her again in veteran and she could strut the green carpet once more. 


When she died at 6 years 1 month 7 days old from a liver rupture I was robbed of this and of watching her muzzle get chrome highlights. I lost my baby sitter for Zoe and I lost my best friend.


So today, when I show her brother in veteran the pendent I'll be wearing has some of her ashes in. She shall go once more, even if in part. 

I still miss that damn dog more than words can express



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