December 20, 2017

Lux Ch Issabella Wot A Thriller 
1/1/2013 - 12/12/2017

This should have been a happy litter announcement but instead due to complete and utter veterinary negligence its going to be one of the hardest ones i've ever written. This is without a doubt any breeders worse nightmare, even more so that it is something totally out of their control.

Izzy very tragically passed away due to a surgeon leaving a dead puppy inside her following a "routine" c-section & Spay following a long labour. This caused her to go in to septic shock and while huge efforts were made to save her she ultimately lost the fight. Nothing can ever prepare you for something like this, you trust your vet to perform operations like this and never in a million years does the posabilty of a retained puppy cross your mind, especially after a spay. The puppy was left in the birth canal and this was also after an x ray being done before surgery. 2 separate vets missed this puppy. 

From the 11 puppies who were conceived we have 5 remaining alive with us, as a total blessing Sofie has taken on as her own and now only requiring minimal bottle top ups from me as she is now producing enough milk. She has been a true godsend and made this just that little bit easier. 

To say I am numb about this is an understatement, I still cant believe shes not coming home. 

This is being treated as veterinary negligence and we are in the process of going down the official routes at the request of my practice. Nothing will change the outcome and nothing will bring her back but it cant be left. 

The picture is of Izzy back in March, a chance picture taken while she was waiting to ironically cross the bridge in to the next field. I had taken all the dogs up there to give them a blast as she was wearing a holter. 

Sleep tight my potato, for all your annoying quirks the house is really quiet without you. xxx

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