"X" Litter Due December 2017

Holyhell's Blue Steel JW, Ir Jch, GW17

  • VWD Clear (DNA)

  • PHPV Clear

  • Hips: 6:6

  • Thyroid - Normal 10/17

  • Liver - Normal 10/2017

  • Cardiac Troponin Normal 10/2017

  • Cardiac ProBNP Normal 10/2017

  • Echo - Normal at time of testing 10/2017

  • 24h Holter - Normal at time of testing 10/2017

  • DINGs - N/N Normal (DNA)

  • Correct Dentition 



Lux CH Issabella Wot A Thrilller 

  • VWD Carrier

  • PHPV Clear

  • Hips 4:4

  • Thyroid - Normal 10/2017

  • Liver - Normal 10/2017

  • Cardiac Troponin Normal 3/2017

  • Cardiac ProBNP Normal 3/2017

  • Echo Normal at time of testing 3/2017

  • 24h Holter Normal at time of testing 3/2017

  • DINGS  - N/N - Normal (DNA)

  • Correct Dentition 

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  • Junior Warrant Holter  (UK)

  • Irish Junior Champion 

  • RCC - Northen Ireland Dobermann Club 2017

  • CAC, CACIB, BOB - German Winner 2017

  • CAC, CACIB, BOB & 2nd in Group 2 Kortrijk Euro Dog Show 2017 

  • Crufts Qualified (Docked & Denied!)

  • Luxembourg Champion

  • Benelux Winner 2014

  • Luxembourg Puppy Trophy Winner



Izzy was imported from France from the "Wot A Thriller" kennel in France and is a busy little dog.  She has a love for routing though the dirt and demolishing tennis balls! A lovely dog to show who always give it her all and struts her funky stuff.  She is a wonderfully affectionate girl who loves nothing more than to nudge arms while trying to type or generally be everywhere she shouldnt! 

She was shown successfully in the UK but more so abroad where she attained Luxembourg Champion and Benelux Winner titles in limited showing. Her previous litters are now growing well and we have wonderful feedback from their owners. This will be Izzy's final litter. 

When looking for a male to compliment Izzy we had a few in mind but it always now comes down to looking at a pedigree and being happy with what you see and also the relevant health testing having been done. The latter is becoming more and more challenging to find. When we got Derek it was always in the back of our minds that on paper he worked well with several of our girls it would just depend on how it turned out physically. 

He hasn't disappointed and is growing up beautifully with a super list of show wins to back this up both in the UK and Europe. We have great plans for Derek so his adventures are far from over. 

As a dog to live with he is just lovely, a very funny dog full of character but also super easy going. Its not the norm but he still lives and plays with our other boy Luca with no issues, there isn't an ounce of malice to him, very much a lover not a fighter! 

Show & companion homes are sought. We already have a waiting list for this combination so if you are interested please get in touch.  


Litter will be VWD Clear or Carrier. We are expecting Black & Brown puppies. 

Ref: VWD, Due to a number of people being unclear on how VWD is inherited, if a dog is a carrier of VWD it has one VWD gene however this does not affect the dog, it has no symptoms. The only time a carrier is of any relevence is when a dog is being bred from. If a carrier is bred from it should only be bred to a  Clear to eliminate affected dogs ever being produced.  If you are looking for a companion dog the VWD status is immaterial, even for any surgical procedures. 

DISCLAIMER: This pedigree is correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of formation, if there are any innacuracies I am not aware of them but will happily be corrected. Information for these pedigrees are gathered by talking to the owners / breeders of mentioned dogs and trusting that the information i am given is correct. At this point in time this is the best I can do with the information given to me.  

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