"Z" Litter Due November 2018

Co bred litter Born 14 November 2018

 7 Black males 2 black girls 

Anubis Von Schwatz Kraft

  • VWD Carrier (DNA)

  • PHPV Clear

  • Hips: 5:5

  • Cardiac Troponin Normal 10/2017

  • Cardiac ProBNP Normal 10/2017



Newfords Perfect Storm

  • VWD Clear

  • PHPV Clear

  • Hips 4:6

  • Cardiac Troponin Normal 9/17

  • Cardiac ProBNP Normal 9/17

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Esta is owned by Ann & Pej and lives the life of luxury sleeping on the sofa and chasing squirrels, despite my repeated attempts I was never able to get Esta in the ring due to her owners time constraints. A beautiful bitch inside and out, perfectly well mannered and a true testament to the care and training her owners have given her. 

A standard sized bitch with beautiful movement and a classical head and the most soulful eyes. I was so pleased when Anne asked me if she could have a litter with her as I think she is a wonderful and worthy addition to the dobermann breed. Esta's Mum is now 7 and the most beautiful girl and has been an outstanding producer for me, I have no doubts that her daughter wont be the same. Esta's father is still alive at over 11 years old and in fine health. 


The sire to the litter is Buddy, he is also owned by Ann & Pej but was imported from the Von Schwatz Kraft kennel in Macedonia. Buddy lives up to his name and is friend to all, a standard sized dog who is well off for bone and very much typically male. His pedigree hosts some outstanding dogs from all around europe and while Buddy isnt shown had he remained in a country where showing a cropped dog was allowed I have no hesitation that he would have been a competitive dog. 

Due to both parents being owned by Anne & Pej they are both viewable when puppy visits happen, this litter is based in Eastbourne East Sussex. All breeder support is being provided by Newford Dobermanns. 

Show & companion homes are sought. We already have a waiting list for this combination so if you are interested please get in touch.  


Litter will be VWD Clear or carrier.  We are expecting Black puppies only. 

Ref: VWD, Due to a number of people being unclear on how VWD is inherited, if a dog is a carrier of VWD it has one VWD gene however this does not affect the dog, it has no symptoms. The only time a carrier is of any relevence is when a dog is being bred from. If a carrier is bred from it should only be bred to a  Clear to eliminate affected dogs ever being produced.  If you are looking for a companion dog the VWD status is immaterial, even for any surgical procedures.

DISCLAIMER: This pedigree is correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of formation, if there are any innacuracies I am not aware of them but will happily be corrected. Information for these pedigrees are gathered by talking to the owners / breeders of mentioned dogs and trusting that the information i am given is correct. At this point in time this is the best I can do with the information given to me.  

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