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11 June 2010 - 12th April 2019

I held you in my arms when you took your first breath and I held you in my arms when you took your last. Set free from pain. 

From the moment I knew you were the one staying with me you've done your best to make me regret that decision being the biggest pain in the ass you possibly could. 

Ive never known a dog to live life in the fast lane as much as you did which is why when you couldn't do that any more it was better for me to feel the pain missing you than you hurting. 

Love you bum dog, until we meet again you crazy child. 

Health Results



 Clear By Parentage







Cardiac Pro BNP

Normal 0.02 2013

Normal 0.04 Nov 2015
Normal Nov 2015


24 Hr Holter


COAT COLOUR                           

Normal 2016

Normal 2013

BbDD (Dilute Free)



Zara is quiet the little character! I would constantly pick her out of the litter as she was always the first one to escape from the whelping box, always the first one to escape from their pen and would say to her how you could really go off a puppy as she was so naughty! Low and behold.. shes the one that we have ended up with!
She has taken us on many adventures and with many more to come, a whirlwind when she enters the room and has a never failing wagging tail. 

Zara has taken on a new venture, first and foremost our dogs are out family pets, they live in our house with us and take over most of the couch of an evening. However Zara is a special girl and has the most immense ball drive and is forever busy running circles round everyone so we have tried to harnesses this energy and has started training as a drug detection dog. She is showing fantastic promise and its incredibly rewarding to see her work.. and more importantly when she gets home she is tired!!! 

Notable Wins

Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Chile
Champion of Colombia
Champion of Sri-Lanka
Champion of Costa Rica
Champion of Malaysia
Champion of Taiwan
Champion of Philippines  
CACIB Winner

3rd Yearling Bitch 2012
Crufts Qualified 2011, 2012, 2013.

Multi BOB
Multi BPIB 

BH - 9/3/2012

AD - 27/12/2014

Narcotics detection - Training

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I Litter 2013 - Multi/Int CH El Cid Wot A Thriller

K Litter 2014 - Nor/Den/Int CH Tamlands Valentino Garavani

U Litter 2016 World Ch Lurji Von Warringhof

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